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    Sorry for the late reply. For the first question, both itch and humble bundle sales earn me the most money. For the second question, in theory mod support should be similar in steam and non-steam versions, but unfortunately I still haven’t solved all the technical issues with that, so non-steam versions have a bit of lag (you might see mod versions that are a few weeks older). But in the long run, this should be solved and mods should update with up to one week delay.

    Note that buying from both itch or humble, you can still redeem a steam key and play the game on steam. The steam version is DRM-free too, it’s exactly the same version of the game, it’s just able to connect to the steam workshop if run through steam.

    Hope this helps.

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    I left this feature in the game because it lets you plan your dungeon around bodies of water and lava. Before that it was quite annoying when you’ve laid down the digging tasks and suddenly a lake appears in the middle. I agree that it’s not ideal, but I don’t have a great idea how to fix it. I kind of hoped that players wouldn’t use abuse this feature and spoil the game for themselves, but I guess that’s just human nature 😛

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    Good point about guard zones, I made a note to disable them for 0 damage minions.

    You can disable activities for minions or whole groups, just click on the activity button in the minion menu.

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    Hey, thanks for the suggestions!

    1. That’s planned, although I need to work out the details. Should automatons turn on automatically when there are free slots available? Maybe there needs to be some sort of priority queue?

    2. Good point. The wooden ones can swim, but otherwise the materials are pure upgrades. I was also thinking of giving the metal materials some sort of acid vulnerability, and adding more acid spitting enemies.

    in reply to: A30 Sound Bug #11479

    Thanks for the report. Is it just sounds effects or music as well?

    in reply to: Implementation of live multiplayer #11271

    Yes, it would be possible, but pretty hard to do and would take a lot of time. Also disabling control mode would take a lot from the game.

    in reply to: New content and gameplay coming in Alpha 30. #11251

    Yes, I haven’t posted updates recently, but I’m full on working on Alpha 30. There should be some news soon.

    in reply to: Ways to build over rocks? #11168

    I’m not sure, maybe ask the mod authors on discord or steam forums.

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    Sorry, I don’t know how to help you with that. I haven’t ever cross compiled for chromebooks. KeeperRL doesn’t use immintrin.h directly. Maybe try cross-compiling an example SDL project first and see if that gives you the same error?

    in reply to: FREE quarantine Alpha 29 download! #11164

    Unfortunately I can’t help you with that, unless you can install Steam on your mac computer. Apple has been making it harder and harder to release games on Macs, and at this moment I’m not ready to go through the hassle of joining their developer program.

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    Hi, sorry for the late reply. Try editing the Makefile and setting STEAMWORKS to false.

    in reply to: Combat/weapon suggestion #10559

    I think it could be a bit confusing and/or annoying in fast paced turn-based combat, but I’ll think about it!

    in reply to: How to play alpha29? #10418

    The unofficial testing build is going to be out really soon!

    in reply to: A Few Development Ideas #10381

    Hey, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your suggestions!

    *Guard rooms. I think that guard rooms should be assigned similar to how a unit can be assigned to a quarters currently.

    I’ve been thinking about guard rooms for a long time, the issue is that minions need to sleep, eat, etc., so there has to be a mechanic of changing guards, and also designating guards would require new UI, which makes things complicated.

    *Some form of see-through blocks such as fortifications, glass, bars, etc.

    You have the barricade.

    *More powerful versions of ranged weapons to make archery viable in late-game. My thoughts are that long bows could be added to the workshop with the two-handed weapons tech, and that crossbows and arbalests could be added as 1H and 2H metal weapons to the forge. Another alternate idea would be to have different races posses different 1H and 2H ranged weapons. For example, maybe the humans would have short and long bows, the elves would have elven bows and great elven bows, and the dwarfs could have crossbows and arbalests.

    Good idea. How would the weapons differ? Just by damage value and range?

    *The non-evil knight should have the ability to recruit some form of angel. This makes sense from a lore perspective since the evil keepers have access to demons, further, this would give the non-evil side a flying unit, which is something they need very much for water and lava levels.

    *Priests could have an offensive, ranged, ability that only harms demons and the undead.


    As the less evil knight, the livestock that you purchase to increase the population cap will idle in the same leisure areas that your other minions go to. That means that, if you assign a leisure area to the front of your base, or down a set of stairs to guard it, it places your expensive livestock at risk of getting slaughtered.

    Well, you can assign separate quarters to your livestock, I think.

    Two possibilities are gargoyles and gnomish automatons.

    Gargoyles have been on my list for a long time, they’re just hard to implement. (they’re both a piece furniture and a creature, which are very separate concepts in the game). I haven’t thought about adding automatons to the white knight, that’s a good idea.

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