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  • in reply to: New year, new sweet gameplay features! #7333

    That was my first idea, but it’s a bit hard to implement.

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    At some point I want to add water/lava moats, that should add a lot of diversity to dungeons, but I still need to figure out how to prevent or penalize the player from completely cutting themselves off from enemies.

    in reply to: itch key #7260

    No problem, just PM me on Steam and I’ll give you an download link. Note that the Steam version is also DRM-free and is sometimes updated more often.

    in reply to: More than one weapon #7251

    It’s most likely that these are 3 different orcs with 23 attack each owning a +4 club.

    in reply to: Graphics Issue #7240

    It’s a known issue that a few people suffer from, and I haven’t solved it yet. If you’re on Steam that you can temporarily fix it by downloading the older Alpha22 build. You need to right click on the game in your library, go to properties->BETA and choose Alpha22 save compatibility.

    If you don’t mind helping me a bit, I’ll get in touch with you in the new year and send you a few special builds that will help me pinpoint the issue.

    in reply to: Prisoner system discussion #7226

    If anything would need to be added here, maybe a way to split an unit from the party (as long as the party is bigger than one creature) so then they can be sent back with the prisoners, letting the rest of the force continue the assault.

    Yes, I was thinking about that too. There is another idea to have a special creature with a giant bag on their back that can hold all captures, as a slightly unrealistic and humorous alternative to the annoying micro-managing of a group of prisoners. You can continue raiding or split that creature from the team. If it dies then the prisoners are let loose, so there is still a risk element.

    I threw a few ideas regarding capturing people in general in some huge thread I’ve made in the past (which I don’t know whether you read or not)

    I probably read it, but I’ll go take another look.

    At least till the village is captured, the villagers are counted as enemy combatants and that means that many of potential prisoners would be slaughtered.

    I’ve already modified AI to not chase civilians (they will be attacked though if they get adjacent). They are also visibly tagged so the player knows who can be captured.

    Unless one would combine both methods and be able to capture villagers – turning them into static/tied/chained props who then can be collected once the village is secured in about one in-game day or they can free themselves.

    That’s also a nice idea.

    prisoners would be already quite essential with mana system as it is where even at the very end of the game player rarely has enough mana to invent and build everything and it’s where prisoners come in

    I’m probably going to remove the tie between torturing and mana.

    What if some of them, like werewolves, some types of undeads like vampires or ghosts, magical creatures or one created through mutant-making projects would require live humanoids to be subjected to some transformation?

    That’s a very cool idea, I’ll think about it.

    and as I’ve mentioned in the past, some creatures are objectively much more capable than others despite not particularly greater requirements in acquisition

    Also great point.

    It’s already quite bad one has to limit their digging tendencies due to questionable geology mechanics

    I was thinking here about something that could substitute the geology mechanic, which I also don’t like. I should have mentioned that in the post.

    in reply to: New Stuff #7168

    Will some creatures retain permanent slow/fast speed? I suppose ogres and dark elves could loose their speed differences, but what about zombies, or bats and ravens?

    The most extreme ones, yes. So: imps, ravens will have 2x speed, zombies will have half speed.

    How will burden affect you under the new speed system? It seems that even in Alpha 23 burden has much lower effect on speed than it had before (or is it only me?), but will/how will burden affect you without the more fine-grained speed?

    With the new changes burden doesn’t affect speed at all. So there’s just a hard limit. I think it’s a better system anyway, I didn’t really like creatures slowing down due to burden. But things may change depending on player feedback.

    Are there any plans on adding intrinsic armor as well? Eg. heavy fur for bears which can be dropped by dead bears and worn by other creatures, or maybe dragon scales granting the appropriate resistance?

    Yes, I’d like to do that some time.

    Are you planning to balance different intrinsic attacks of a single creature to make them all interesting, rather than one simply being better?

    Good point, I’ll have to think about it.

    Apart from doppelgangers, will the mutation system be (one day, of course) extended so that you can eg. mutate one of your orcs to have claws and a beak?

    That’s the long term plan. At some point I intend for the legendary creatures to be obtained in some other way, and the succubus breeding system to create regular, but mutated minions.

    Heh heh, I want to see kobolds who overrun and slaughtered a castle.

    Not going to happen, kobolds can only be on the receiving end of the mechanic 🙂

    And completely unrelated to the above, will there be mistresses? I miss good old Dungeon Keeper mistresses.

    You have succubi 🙂

    in reply to: Left-Handed UI #7166

    The UI code is not flexible enough to have such an option, sorry. My resources to work on this kind of extra stuff are very limited.

    in reply to: How to train archers #7117

    That was likely the problem. The game should make it more clear how much space is needed. Thanks for bringing this up.

    in reply to: Left-Handed UI #7115

    The menu side was changed a long time ago, and the screenshots are out of date. There is no way to change it, sorry.

    in reply to: How to train archers #7109

    Can you send a save file to Thank you.

    in reply to: Donating in another currency #7099

    Hi, sorry for the late reply. You can donate R$28, which is the game’s price on Steam in your country’s currency.

    in reply to: [ALPHA 23.1] Feedback for Developer and Capturing #7089

    Capturing prisoners will be completely overhauled in the next update, I believe it’s quite broken right now. As for mana, I will be pushing a patch very soon with some adjustments, in particular taking off the “once per tribe” limit.

    in reply to: KeeperRL Alpha23 is released! #7030

    Fortaleza: a few other people have this bug, it’s not related to the free version. Could you please email me at I’ll have build for you to try out.

    in reply to: KeeperRL Alpha23 is released! #7021

    Fortaleza: which menu exactly? I can’t find the problem.

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