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    Capturing prisoners will be completely overhauled in the next update, I believe it’s quite broken right now. As for mana, I will be pushing a patch very soon with some adjustments, in particular taking off the “once per tribe” limit.

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    Fortaleza: a few other people have this bug, it’s not related to the free version. Could you please email me at I’ll have build for you to try out.

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    Fortaleza: which menu exactly? I can’t find the problem.

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    Hi Whatup,

    I asked Artur, and the nightshasa came straight out of his imagination, it wasn’t based on anything.

    For the endless mode no. They will level up indefinitely, and see how long you can survive.

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    Great! What do you think about the current mana payouts and costs? Is the balance ok?

    * 200 for main villain
    * 100 for lesser villain
    * 50 for minor settlements
    * 100 per technology
    * 50 per +1 population

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    If we are going to win technology’s by defeating bosses (something that I think can make the game progression better) maybe we don’t really need a “resource” at all: Maybe when we win a prompt can open up with a technology tree and 2 “free” points that can be used to unlock 2 techs from it.

    Statues and throne will also use the same resource as technology, so it makes sense to keep it as a resource. Otherwise good idea though.

    If it needs to be more role play-oriented the bosses or final area could hold “ancient tech/magic books” that can be read/spent to win those 2 points.

    At some point maybe I’ll try to come up with a more role play-oriented story, but it’s not that easy, for example giant ants normally wouldn’t have books in their hive 🙂

    I presume the elemental damage types (fire, poison etc.) are still in game? That would be a shame to loose. It’s more fun when a dragon breathes fire than when it breathes ranged damage.

    Yes they are, and later on I’ll try to incorporate them better in the combat. Right now there aren’t really fire or poison based direct attacks.

    How will other spells than those with direct damage be influenced by increased magic damage? Will it have no effect? Will eg. teleportation go farther, healing restore more HP or stun last longer for casters with high magic damage?

    Right now only one new spell, magic missile, uses the new magic damage attribute. For other non-combat spells I’ll probably make the cooldowns dependent on the attribute, I’m not sure yet.

    How exactly does damage and defense interact? Is a random amount of damage up to defense blocked, or does it work otherwise? I assume you don’t subtract the whole defense from every attack, because then high defense monsters would be untouchable. I also like some randomness in combat, but if defense is randomized, then that’s enough for me.

    It’s a simple formula: assuming no buffs, to do any damage you need to hit with more than 2/3 of the victims defense. If the damage and defense are equal, then 1/5 of health is subtracted, and if you hit with more than double the defense then it’s an insta-kill. It seems to be working well, but also very easy to modify if there is such need.

    I’m not sure how I feel about all attacks always hitting. I always liked fragile, but fast and nimble combat style/units. Maybe attacks would not normally miss, but each monster could have a chance to sidestep the attack, moving to random adjacent tile (a bit like Dwarf Fortress does for dodging)? This would make unarmored/fragile speedster builds possible, plus you could try to lure the speedster into an area where it has no free tile to dodge, thus all your attacks would actually hit.

    I can do something like that later on. I assume that the speedster needs to do a dodge move ahead of the attack?

    I really like the new health bar! I just hope we will still get some limbs flying reasonably often, that was always quite fun, even if you were on the receiving end.

    Of course 🙂

    I’m especially looking forward to the new combat mechanics. When attacking an elven village in the current version you immediately lose track of what’s happening since all your units run off in the forest chasing elves.

    Yeah, it really improves the combat experience.

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    I’ll think about whether this feature makes sense at all. Thanks.

    in reply to: Having "won" the game… #6768

    Thank you for the wall of ideas and comments :). I’ll reply to some of them inline.

    In fact the first time I found the vampire lord I thought that all the special/legendary creatures would be added via quests/exploration and I still think that would be awesome: Defeat the dragon and kidnap his egg-child to get a little dragon later. Find the exit to a labyrinth to get a Minotaur. Defeat a Death Knight to force him into submission etc…

    Good point. Getting the legendary creatures through succubi breeding is kind of temporary, so I could turn them into prizes instead, as you described. I would probably want to add side quests for that and not make them a part of the main game.

    2) Exploring or using other peoples dungeons/traps is other awesome idea, but somehow not fully supported.

    Do you mean that the gameplay is not good enough or the sharing framework? If the latter, then I do plan to extend it, with ratings, comments, lists of conquerors, etc.

    3) Random attack + “complex” interactions: burning the enemy’s wooden floor to decimate its creatures (and maybe some yours), having a dragon in your entrance when some dwarfs try to attack you and then watch them burn, raiding those pointy eared elfs at night so they don’t destroy your forces in an instant, having your legendary vampire fight without head (but shouldn’t he recover it if he sleeps in his tomb?)…. all those kind of things are what bring life to the game. More of them would be awesome!

    Ideas, please 🙂

    4) The music, totally fitting!

    I fully agree 🙂

    – Undead vampires/zombies cant sustain sun and that’s awesome, but somehow ghost can

    Good point. I will add a ‘vulnerable to sunlight’ status so you can see exactly which creatures are.

    – You research legendary creatures but its not really explained that you need succubus to get them, if there is a max amount you can have or what happens if you loose them

    You can see that info in the immigration help window. But the legendary creatures will be reworked anyway, as I mentioned above.

    – Without the wiki you cant understand how to get prisoners

    True. That mechanic will also be reworked and I’ll make sure to document it well in the game.

    – Many interface / common use things are not really that visible: remove construction and fill up tunnel are “correct error” tools, and as such should be always visible

    Do you mean they should be at the top level in the building menu?

    (probably reinforce wall too, but maybe first it should be explained what is its use -boulders-)

    I wasn’t even aware of that use 😛

    B) Again a more casual related thing: many players leave games when they don’t find the promise of fun in the first minutes of the game. And KeeperRLs early game is totally peaceful and really doesn’t promote some early goal like “survive your first 3 days”, “explore your first region” or “defeat the first miniboss” that can keep people encouraged. I know that many people want time to make a perfect dungeon or don’t need goals because they construct them, but if we see other games normally the 100% peaceful mode is an option and not part of the campaign. Examples: In Dungeon Keeper and Majesty you are attacked on the first levels (ofc by easily to dispatch minions) and even in “one map” games like Minecraft, Starbound or Kingdom: New Lands you will be attacked the first night.
    The goals can be even seamlessly integrated to the game: by discovering in the library the location of artifacts, informing the player that in X days there will be a “an invasion” or some tribe/creature demanding tribute or that you leave their domains.

    Great point. I had a plan to add some early game challenges, but that got buried somewhere deep. I would want to make sure that they are not a chore to people who play a lot. A pack of wolves that attack on the first night would work, perhaps. Long time ago there used to be a goat that ate your doors. I’m not sure why I removed it.

    in reply to: Magic Damage? #6521

    Any particular game that you would recommend checking out that has this system implemented well?

    in reply to: Automaton from gnomes is a Enemy? #6429

    Automaton is hostile to every creature, and lives only for a few dozen turns. Use that to your advantage 🙂

    in reply to: Magic Damage? #6373

    I’ve thought about this before, clearly something that works for MOBAs could make an interesting combat mechanic in KeeperRL. I wonder if it’s not possible to do this by differentiating melee and projectile damage? These things are already present in the game, and would only require some changes in formulas (I guess projectiles would bypass armor and strength, and would use a separate stat and class of items to calculate defense). What do you think?

    in reply to: Deconstruct enemy rooms for resources #6372

    I like the idea, although at this point you could only do it in control mode (at least on other campaign maps), and it would be very mundane. Perhaps an automated way through the pillage menu could work.

    in reply to: Doppelganger strength bug #6368

    Noted down, thanks.

    in reply to: Message boards doesn't work #6367

    I’m guessing that you have the online stats ticked off. It uses the same system to log messages. I’ll make sure that this works independently of the setting.

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