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    First off- sorry this will be a negative post. I’ve got 45 hours logged and like this game. I’m happy I bought it, I don’t want you to think otherwise… all the same, there’s an issue I need to talk about.

    So I was playing and ran into some ghosts. No biggie. I guess one of my dudes got possessed or something, I’m not entirely sure how ghosts work. Well, long after the ghosts were dead and the insanity wore off, my shaman and oger were still fighting. If I controlled them, or a team with both of them on it, I could control all their actions… but every time I stopped controlling them they would keep attacking each other. I finally got bored and decided I didn’t care if one or both of them died, and the ogre chased the shaman all over my base, it was actually kind of fun. Suddenly the shaman launches a fireball that burns down everything and everyone. The whole game lost.

    Soooooooooo, I have a two point thought-

    A) that’s kind of a stupid way to lose an entire game, what could I have done to stop the possession / stop the fire / make it so my orc can’t shoot a fireball inside the fort?

    B) whatever the right solution is, I don’t think anything in the game pointed at it. Maybe add some ghost / fire explanation to the tutorial or help file or something?

    Thanks for making an awesome game. I got this far before getting mad, which is pretty cool.


    Hey, sorry for your fort’s catastrophe 🙂

    Stopping the fire is usually not too hard, you just have to remove all flammable furniture around it. That said, I’ll make sure the AI doesn’t cast fire spells in your own territory.



    It may be more fun to have your imps be able to extinguish fires, or a water elemental… or create a creature like a salamander that consumes the fires for a stat boost. Nothing wrong with a little fire disaster now and again from some dumb orc playing with fire spells, as long as your Keeper can learn from it and think of solutions.

    A negative trait like Pyromaniac may be chaotically fun too.



    Removing burnable floors was the tick all right, thanks for the hint!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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