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    KeeperRL Alpha 27 is out! This is another big gameplay update, introducing many improvements in gameplay and AI. You can now build your dungeons acros
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    hey Michal, nice you set the stage fora deeper game experience. Now its time to fill the z level void with content. I think there are missing a lot encounters, like multi level dungeons like that of the dark elves and more points of interest than just the resources every level provides. Every level is huge. so there’s a lot of potential. I know that there is only so much a single developer can do, so I thought the modders could help with out with complexity (like in weapon creation or advanced requirements for better minions) while you continue to further their possibilities, because I think one can finish the game way too fast and interchangeable modules would help find the perfect gameplay for every player. If you decide to do so, i wish you the best of luck and am eager to see how the project continues to evolve.


    I don’t want the Z-levels *that* full of content, I want them to be more for digging than exploring. Some powerful enemy every once in a while is good, of course.

    I think it’s better to put more content in other dungeons that you explore in the turn-based mode.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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