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    I checked and there is nothing hidden in that dungeon. You can try a simple hack, open options.txt, and change the SHOW_MAP value to 1. This will make all enemies visible. If you still can’t find the missing enemy, feel free to send me the save file and I’ll check if there isn’t any bug. (

    Having said that, I see the problem of hidden enemies or ones that you can’t locate on the map, I’ll try to think of a solution. Thanks for the report.

    in reply to: Mac OS – High Sierra bug #7813

    I’ve heard of similar problems on Mac OS from one or two other players. I don’t know where the issue could be, perhaps in the SDL2 library that KeeperRL uses.

    How often does the game start glitched when you restart it? When the “fancy cursor” doesn’t appear do you get a normal cursor instead? Does disabling the “fancy cursor” in the settings change anything?

    in reply to: Portal #7745

    I actually went and implemented pathfinding as well 🙂

    in reply to: Portal #7740

    Hey, thanks for pointing that out, indeed it’s a mess. I think it will also fall apart if a portal is destroyed by enemies. I’ll try to fix that, as you suggested, by adding an interface to explicitly connect portals. And no, pathfinding is not aware of portals at the moment, you can only use them manually. (I’ll try to fix that too, but it’s not easy).

    EDIT: I checked and actually the algorithm makes sense: a portal will only reconnect with another portal if it’s rebuilt at the same spot, in order to correctly handle randomly destroyed and rebuilt portals. Perhaps destroying one manually should be handled differently. I’ll also have paired portal pairs have the same unique colors so it’s easier to see what’s going on.

    in reply to: Graphics Issue #7730

    The issue should be fixed in the most recent patch, although I didn’t manage to understand exactly what the problem was. If this keeps happening please let me know.

    in reply to: couple suggestions #7729

    If that’s just soft vs hard rock, then this wouldn’t add much to the gameplay. I think something that could work would be patches or other shapes of undiggable rock not covered by fog of war. Same with bodies of water. Then you could really have some fun with planning your dungeon. If obstacles are visible only from 2-3 squares away then you’ll get lots of frustration trying to lay out your rooms.

    in reply to: couple suggestions #7716

    1. Sure, noted down.

    2. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I’ve looked at maps in other games like Dungeon Keeper but I don’t have any solid ideas on how to do it using procedural generation. There is also a problem with fog of war. For example underground bodies of water would add nice variation and allow more interesting designs, but only if you could see them in advance instead of bumping into them randomly. Same thing if there were more complicated stone patterns.

    Do you know any games with PG that I could look at?

    in reply to: Graphics Issue #7667

    Sorry for this bug. I’ve tried figuring it out with the help of a few users, but it requires a lot of sending builds back and forth, and I haven’t pinned it down yet. Did I already get your contact details in case you’d like to help?

    in reply to: Alpha 24 Graphical glitches #7624

    Will fix the text issue with the next hotfix. The trees glitch is part of a larger problem with how things are drawn, so it will probably have to wait longer to be fix.


    in reply to: Doppelganger traits #7622

    Actually the effect is not inherited during absorption in the first place if the doppelganger is already affected (even if it’s only from a ring).

    I don’t remember if this was intentional and is there for another reason. I noted down to investigate it later.

    in reply to: Steel battle axe #7621

    This is fixed in the new update, thanks.

    in reply to: Compiling #7566

    Try add RELEASE=true to the make command line.

    You’re probably compiling with gcc, and only clang can compile a debug build, so try installing one if you want a debug build. (the differences are small, you’ll just get some debug features that are mostly hidden anyway).

    in reply to: KeeperRL Alpha24 available for testing on Steam #7509

    PS limit as I got 120 FPS normal, at peaks almost 180 FPS. After some time FPS fell down to less than 10 for unknown reasons

    Could you please save the game the next time this happens and send the save file to

    satiated info window shows twice, previously seen on ring of satiety

    I don’t understand this one, in what situation does the window show up twice?

    One more idea: it would be nice if the player could set orcs (army minions) not to be on crafting by default. It is a little annoying having to do this by hand on every new orc, especially when recruiting bigger number.

    Nice idea, I’ll think about it. I’ve been planning to overhaul the activity UI to make this possible with a couple of clicks, but for now setting it by default might help.


    in reply to: Changes to mining #7451

    M point is: the idea is great, but maybe players should have means to reach some amount of steel without having to go through the tough golems, but having to make other sacrifice (e.g. buy with gold? 1 steel = 1 gold or so) to not restrain some of the fun ways to play the game.

    Very good point. I’ll make it possible to create adamantium with using alchemical conversion tech. I’ll also try to think of other alternative ways to get it.

    @empy This shouldn’t be a problem, because from the screenshots, it seems that the golems are only near the ore – so you could carefully mine part of the vein without disturbing them, but probably cannot mine it all and still not fight them. Getting a few pieces of adamantine in the beginning if you’re careful and lucky, then all of it once you are strong enough sounds about right.

    With the current implementation they’ll attack if you mine even a single piece. But it can be changed.

    BTW, would it be possible to also make imps more intelligent when it comes to storing items in stockpiles? As in, when you bring back home several different items, your creatures then drop them at the door and imps go pick up one item each, even though all the items go into the same stockpile… But I guess this would require way too intelligent imps.

    That’s the plan, but probably not this release.

    Maybe said pockets could be semi-rare but at the same time digging out enough of certain resource could provoke off-map attacks the way gold does for bandits?

    I like it because you can see the risk upfront.

    in reply to: Inaccessable room #7364

    Oops. Putting monsters behind the portal was a bad idea on my side.

    There are some obscure ways to destroy walls, like if you manage to trigger a boulder trap or get some dwarves or ants to dig there. But it’s a very long shot.

    Sorry for that.

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