Dec, 21
Some details on the immigration system

In the last week I’ve been mostly busy with adding more functionality to the new immigration system. There is now a nice help screen containing almost all minions that you can get in the game, along with their requirements and other information. You can set to automatically accept or reject specific minions, and you can auto-accept all immigrants (which is almost like going back to the old, random immigration) or turn off the immigration altogether.

I put a lot of effort to adapt the new system to almost all methods of acquiring minions. This means that you will use it to spawn imps, recruit allies, and use pregnant succubi to mutate humanoids and beasts. I’m very happy about it, as some of these mechanics used to be pretty hidden, and the new system makes them much more visible to the player.


There is still a lot of tweaking left regarding the immigration rate, and the choice of which immigrants to present. As I said before, you will mostly be presented immigrants that you can immediately accept, but from time to time there will be one with some extra requirements, and you will have fulfill them in a limited time window. Sometimes an immigrant won’t be shown at all, for example any of the demons before you have built at least one demon shrine.

It’s almost time to leave for the holidays, and I’ll be without my development machine for almost two weeks. I’ll reserve some time to play-test the new features though, and next week I’ll make a post summarizing the development in the last year.


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There are no other games out there like KeeperRL. The game is a unique mixture of management, levelling, crafting, constructing, exploring, adventure etc. […] The possibility of interacting with other’s players monumental dungeons turn KeeperRL into one of the most promising games I’ve found.


This game is amazing! It’s challenging, fun, unique, and exactly what you might expect it to be. For an early access game it’s incredible. And the thought that there’s more to come thrills me! I can’t wait to see how this awesome game will develop even more.


Any time I touch another race, I get bent over like a cheap, overworked sex worker. I love sucking at this game so much.