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    First and foremost let me say I love this game, as is, if it never changes from what it is now I will still feel my money was VERY well spent. Truth be told I almost feel like you are selling you’re selves short at the current price, this game is worth more. Thank you for all the work you have and are currently doing.
    I know the wiki is set up to be edited for posting ideas, my ideas however snowball into each other in most cases so splitting them up into separate pages might cause some things to not make sense or seem pointless. That is why I am making one long (sorry by the way) post. I’ll try to separate everything into a “what and why” format. Some of these ideas have been posted in the past on the wiki so if you read this and see an idea you already posted PLEASE let me know so I can give you first come first serve credit. 

    =New resource=
    Stone (not Granite) just plain stone. Each block you dig out yields one piece of Stone.
    To carve out large areas and place walls as you see fit, to fill in outer gaps, and for building outdoors.
    =Claiming tiles outside=
    Once trees are cut down a large area of the main map is just open space.
    Claiming tiles outdoors would allow the building of walls, traps, a fortress, a trade hub, etc.
    =Designated areas=
    Controlling who goes where, when, and why.
    *Barracks, beds and work stations for fighters and archers only.
    *Dormitory, beds for spell casters only, bookshelves, potion and enchanting stations only.
    *Slave quarters, simple bedding for slave laborers.
    *Pigsty, (no longer needs to be learned) breeds pigs based on size –bigger sty more pigs-.
    *Mushroom Farm, (does not need to be learned) will grow basic edible mushrooms. Status effect mushrooms can be harvested outside and planted in smaller designated plots (Unlocked in Basic Alchemy).
    *Kitchen, a crafting station run by a Goblin(s) to turn pigs and mushrooms into meals.
    *Dining area, tables and chairs for eating meals.
    *Supply Room, a place for all building supplies (including plain stone).
    *Armory, a place for storing non magic weapons and armor.
    *Elite Armory, a place for storing enchanted weapons/armor/accessories and potions.
    *Treasury, a place for storing gold and trophies (Trophies raise morale and help lure large beings) dropped by elite enemies. Will increase bandit attacks and my cause Dragon attacks.
    *Throne Room, the Keeper’s seat of power from here he/she can cast ritual spells (any of the stat buff spells but cast over a set area of tiles, would drain mana per turn, can also curse an area causing debuff’s of the same type <raise defense/lower defense> <haste/slow> etc.) (Enchant Obelisks to lure Giants, Cyclops, and or Minotaur’s would also drain mana per turn while active) (can conjure building materials Iron and Granite only at a 5 units per 10 mana rate) and to ordain Champions (Limited number 3-5 of them at one time, must be maxed out in a combat stat, can only equip champion grade gear). Can also conjure champion grade armor/weapons/accessories (50% better stats than steel, once equipped it’s locked onto the champion and if/when they die it is gone forever and a new set must be conjured for the new champion).
    *Obelisks, an outdoor pillar that lures large beings to join you.
    *Cemetery, a place to entomb the honored dead (dead allies) increases morale.
    *Crypt, a place to draw in undead minions and a place for them to heal/rest.
    *Trade Hub, (assuming you have allies in game) a place to trade outdated and or unwanted weapons/armor/accessories/potions/scrolls.
    *Slavers Platform, (assuming you have allies in game) a place to buy and sell slaves. Slaves differ from prisoners in that they will do labor, Miners will give a bonus to ore yield, Smithies when teamed with goblins will double production speed, Haulers will pick up building materials constantly and quickly but cannot do construction.
    *Prison, same as now. Using a Whip (1 attack power, severe morale drop per hit, 75% chance to knock down the enemy) the character can then apply shackles (made in bundles of 3-5 for one piece of iron) and restrain the enemy. Then Imp’s or Haulers come and collect them.
    *Torture Chamber, a place to torture prisoners for mana. Dwarves physically toughest but least magical so 1 mana per turn for 50 turns, Humans 2 mana per turn for 40 turns, Elves 3 mana per turn for 30 turns. Allies can also be tortured at a 1 mana per hitpoint per turn until death, this will lower morale.
    *Whipping Post, a place too publicly torture prisoners to increase morale and provoke liberation forces from that prisoners race to attack. After x number of failed rescue attempts prisoner becomes a slave. (Dwarf=Miner, Human=Smithies, Elves= Hauler). (Want Elvish swords/bows, whip an Elf, Dwarvish weapons/armor, whip a Dwarf, Human accessories/potions, whip a Human). Since it increases the chance of a specific race attacking it also means the chance to capture more prisoners of that race. Allies can be whipped to slow enemy attacks but it will lower morale.
    *Demonic Alter Room, a place to summon Devils, Demons, Hellhounds and Succubus. Devil=Ogre+25% better stats and magic, Demon=Orc+25% better stats, Hellhound=Wolf+25% better stats, Succubus=Harpy+25% better stats. (The Doppelganger replaces the Succubus in creating random legendary Humanoids/Beasts). All have night vision, and regeneration, all are weak against Holy magic (Holy magic would be used by Priests, the Human/Dwarf/Elf version of a shaman). (Demons will act neutral to all and not take orders unless put in a team with a Devil). They will need separate Barracks, Dormitory, and dining area as they would not interact with lesser beings.
    *Cages, allows training of a Beastmaster (a Goblin with a whip) and hold beasts. Wolves and bears can be lured in and will fight enemies when they get close but if teamed up with a Beastmaster they can be given commands and use training dummies to gain up to +50% the starting stats. Trained animals can cause bleeding, rip off limbs, and knock down enemies. They can also “pin” an enemy allowing them to be captured. Ravens and Bats are scout creatures they have no attack or defense, will avoid combat at all cost, and don’t count against population but you have a limit of 3 of each at any time.
    =No static population cap=
    The Keeper can conjure enough food to supply 5 units from the start (automatically done).
    It validates building MUCH larger dungeons (and hopefully outdoor strongholds). It might just be my love of immersion/RP but cramming everything into a couple small rooms, building a trap filled hall and fighting in doorway’s only makes things seem to easy. The only reason I have to dig out after my first few rooms is to gather the resources as I unlock the geology tree. All in all even in endless mode I might use one third of the map, and that just seems like a waste.
    *A pig and one mushroom make five meals. So you need to build multiple pigsty’s/farms and or larger pigsty’s/farms. Same for the sleeping/training rooms.
    *Goblin, Orc, Orc Shaman, and the Harpies each need one bed and one meal per day (the demonic versions need the same). Slaves require one meal every other day. Wolves and Hellhounds need one cage each and one meal per day. All count as one population.
    *Ogres, Minotaur’s, and Devils need four beds each (two wide-two long) and two meals per day. Bear’s need two cages and two meals per day each. All count as two population.
    *Giants and Cyclops need six beds (three wide-three long) and three meals a day each.
    *Undead don’t eat mortal food and sleep in the Crypt so a larger Crypt or multiple Crypt’s the more Undead you can have. *Vampires, Zombies, and Skeletons count as one population each.
    *Ghosts do not add to the population but you can only have 3 at a time. They can be used as scouts, possession runs on a timer so you could possess someone and if you are fast enough bring them back and lock them in prison before the timer runs out.
    =New Allies/Enemies=
    Because making friends and killing things is what we do.
    Spice things up a bit while using assets already in the game. Also to alter building and combat tactics since food, sleeping areas, and team composition all matter now.
    *An enemy variant of the Ogres, Orc/Orc Shaman, and Harpies would be reasonable also, after all you are an invader and chances are not everyone will want to join you.
    *Human allies, dependent on outdoor living areas.
    =Tricks and Traps=
    Again more options in tactics and building.
    *Hidden passages and invisible doors for flanking enemies or quick escapes. Costs mana to cut out the passages and to build the door.
    *Guardian Pillars, They fire a Magic Missile when an enemy comes within range. Rate of fire one missile every other turn. Made from Iron, requires tier 2 sorcery.
    *Turret, like a Guardian Pillar but fires arrows instead. Made from Iron, requires Archery.
    *Ambush Trap, like a Surprise Trap but it transports a pre-selected team.
    =Research and items=
    Just some thoughts.
    *Make simple bows and targets part of basic crafting.
    *Add the Turret, broad head arrows (better damage made in bundles of 3-5 for one piece of iron) and a two handed bow. To Archery research.
    *Alchemy, Add enchanted arrows, elemental arrows and debuff arrows (made in bundles of 3-5 for one piece of iron). Same for one handed weapons.
    *Add one handed and two handed spears.
    *Add a Whip (1 attack power, severe morale drop per hit, 75% chance to knock down the enemy).
    *Add Shackles (made in bundles of 3-5 for one piece of iron).
    *Add throwing javelins for larger beings.
    *Add shield’s same defense range as chest armor wood shield same range as leather chest piece, iron shield same a chainmail, etc.
    And of course to make things fair enemies would have access to all these fun toys too!!!

    That’s all I can think of for now. Again these are just ideas and if they never make it into the game my money was still well spent. Thank you.

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    A reskin/rename of the club to a Slaver’s Club or something along those lines. Give it 1 attack power and a 70% chance to stun on hit.
    One option could be to use iron to make shackles, apply the shackles to the stunned target then a pop-up appears in the upper left corner like the one for incoming enemies. This one however would let you know Imps are on the way (two Imps to pull one humanoid). Once they arrive they take the prisoner back to the dungeon. This would require they player to keep an updated count on Imps at all times since they need two Imps per prisoner.
    Another option would be to stun the target then use a Portal or potion/scroll that would send them through the portal the player has built on and surrounded prison tiles.
    As far as some fun uses, want more Elven swords/bows? Whip some Elves, want Dwarvish two-handed weapons and armor, whip dwarves, want accessories and potions carried by humans, whip some humans. Whipping enemies could act as a strong moral booster for the Keeper’s minions and provoke members of the whipped characters race to send raiding parties.

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    Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place (I went to the Wiki but none of the areas seem to fit my list). I usually don’t care enough to make suggestions but this game has me enthralled. 🙂

    Whipping Post- Lose morale, gain an equal amount of mana 1 for 1 per turn (maybe detailed enough that it is racial specific, whip a goblin all goblins lose moral etc).

    Ghost’s- Posses an enemy, turn timer starts up, if the possessed can be brought to a prison cell before the timer runs out congrats you have a new prisoner. Also would make ghosts much more useful (just my opinion). Since they need no sleep or food and are non-corporal should not take up population but have a limit on how many you can have at one time.

    Torture Table- can be used on friendly humanoids (can’t advocate animal/beast abuse even in a fictitious setting). As with the
    Whipping Post you would be trading morale for mana but at a faster/higher rate.
    Heads on Spikes and Gallows- Any humanoid head or intact fresh body (as long as it’s collected in time) should be usable for these. Maybe as a morale booster to counter the Whipping/Torturer morale losses.

    Once again just some ideas from a fan. Thank you for the awesome game, and extra cool points for the animal charity donation option.

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