Ambitious dungeon simulator with roguelike elements.

Inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper, and classic roguelikes.

keeper-elementalistTake the role of an evil wizard and seek the ultimate knowledge of destruction. Explore the world, murder innocent villagers and burn their homes. Build your dungeon, lay traps and prepare for an assault of angry heroes.

When you control your minions the game becomes a classic roguelike, with turn-based and very tactical combat. You can also play as an adventurer and assault dungeons made by you or other players.


Dungeon management

You will dig deep into the mountain and build dozens of rooms, corridors and traps. Your minions will train and produce weapons and armor. Prisoners will be tortured. You will research new technologies like alchemy, beast mutation and sorcery.

Roguelike mechanics

The world is simulated on a very detailed level. Creatures use equipment and consumable items. There are dozens of special items, spells, attributes and special attacks. You can cut off heads and limbs and blind or poison your enemies. If you’re not careful with fire, you can burn an entire forest or even your own dungeon.

Online dungeon sharing

Retire your dungeon and let other players explore it as adventurers, witnessing the destruction you’ve done and fighting with the forces that you’ve left behind.



Where can I get it?

deco1You can buy the full commercial version on Steam, Humble Store or You can also get it by donating to an animal charity. There is also a free version, which is the same as the full release, minus graphics and sound. Finally, the full source code is available under the GPL license, so you can even modify the game! Go to downloads for more information.


Jun, 19

Adventurer campaign mode

The basic parts of adventurer campaign are done. It's not much different from the keeper campaign, except that you don't build a base, and some enemies are turned into allies and... more

Jun, 06

More development news

Porting to SDL took about a week. A little bit more than I thought, because it turned out that text rendering and audio playback are a bit lacking (actually, they are not part of... more

May, 31

Development news

I always try to make bigger code changes right after releasing a new version, so they get tested as much as possible before seeing the light of the day. This time the first task... more

May, 22

Alpha18 release summary

It's been more than two weeks since the last alpha release, so it's time for a short summary, followed by general plans for Alpha19. Let's start with bugs :). This release was... more

May, 05

KeeperRL alpha18 is released!

The "campaign" update is finally out! For those of you who haven't followed the development, campaign is a new game mode that takes place in an overworld, divided into a grid of... more



KeeperRL works for Windows, Linux and Mac. The commercial version is exactly the same as the free one, except it features graphics and music. You can get it from Steam or

For more detailed information head over the Download section.


This game is amazing! It’s challenging, fun, unique, and exactly what you might expect it to be. For an early access game it’s incredible. And the thought that there’s more to come thrills me! I can’t wait to see how this awesome game will develop even more.


The lovechild of Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper, and traditional roguelikes. I would strongly recommend this game to anyone who has enjoyed any of those games.


Any time I touch another race, I get bent over like a cheap, overworked sex worker. I love sucking at this game so much.