Jul, 31
KeeperRL Alpha 25 is released!

KeeperRL Alpha 25 is finally out! This is another patch with a lot of gameplay improvements, focusing especially on dungeon development. It includes moat building, special items and minions and a new Keeper character. Check out the change log below for details!

As always, the update is already available on Steam, Itch.io, and Humble Store. You can also get the free version from here.

The full change log:

  • Dark knight, a new Keeper character focused on melee skills.
  • Digging moats.
  • Added “ego” items with special effects, which can be crafted by extraordinarily talented, and usually also insane minions.
  • Added special minions with extra positive or negative buffs.
  • All AI, including enemies, can use portals when navigating around.
  • Worker AI will pick up items from multiple tiles before hauling them back.
  • Beast minions don’t trigger enemies with their attacks.
  • Equipping, picking up, and dropping equipment doesn’t use up turn.
  • Enemy AI will construct bridges if they’re cut off by water.
  • Added “stand ground”, and “ignore enemies” team orders.
  • Removed the “proximity” trigger from cyclops.
  • Every creature has separate combat experience independent of training.
  • Entire wolf pack takes up one population spot.
  • Vampire lord is stronger.
  • Adamantium golems are vulnerable to magic.
  • Added “fireball” spell.
  • Dwarves and ants won’t attack after player mines in their vicinity but, not breaching their mineral veins.
  • Bridges can be removed.
  • Escape spell teleports away from fire.
  • All prisoners can construct furniture.
  • Added potions of melee and spell vulnerability.
  • Added night vision mushrooms.
  • Added stone statue, which increases population by up to 4.
  • Summoned creatures, like flies, aren’t automatically added to current team.
  • Changes in the building menu: bridge moved to “Structure”. Changed some hotkeys.
  • Creature’s can pick up a single heavy item over their carry limit.
  • Up to 4 prisoners are allowed with having a prison built.
  • Tunnels can be filled up with hard rock.
  • Allowed building fountains in the dungeon.
  • Summoned creatures disappear when summoner is knocked-out.
  • Villains won’t launch attacks with undead minions during the day.
  • Removed the scroll of darkness and made the vampire lord a permanent darkness source.
  • All prisoners are poison resistant.
  • Dogs and other animals can be petted. AI will also pet animals sometimes.


  • New villains UI with attack and trigger notifications, easier pillaging and browsing villains.
  • New animated sprites for water, lava, torches, fountain.
  • Animations for melee attacks and creature death.
  • New sprites for zombie, bears, and the warriors tribe.
  • Creature’s health percentage is displayed in map legend.
  • Immigrants first name is displayed in immigrant menu.
  • New UI for selecting numbers.
  • Added music and sfx volume controls.
  • Added an in-game bug reporting menu.
  • Message boards can be viewed in real-time mode by clicking on them.
  • Icons of all items lying on the ground or in a creature’s possession are displayed in map legend.
  • Portals are colored based on their pairing.


  • Improved late game framerate.
  • Fixed attacker AI issues which caused them to never reach the player.
  • Fixed lighting glitch related to trees being destroyed while on fire.
  • Fixed issue with bogus “enter tile?” warning after tile is no longer on fire.
  • Fixed kraken’s behavior.
  • Fixed spell and buff timeouts are on retired keeper maps.
  • Doppelganger no longer absorbs some effects that did’t make sense, like “collapsed”, “stunned”, etc.
  • Placing traps on top of doors and other furniture is not allowed.
  • Game will create a directory for save files if it doesn’t exist.
  • Tile memory is updated when items are pillaged using the villain menu.
  • Fixed tiny glitches when rendering fog-of-war.
  • Made it impossible to retire in the tutorial.
  • Fixed crash caused by enslaving the same retire creature twice.


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