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    I’ve been back to work in the last few weeks, after a longer-than-usual Christmas and New Years break, and I’d like to share all the cool stuff that I
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    I like the Z level as it adds a lot of potential organic/reactive mechanics to the game: floods, pits, traps related to those things, more advantages to flying units and ofc the things 7advantages that the dev already wrote about.

    The problem is that most of those interactions do need taking out the actual limitations. Communication between levels for those things to work would need to be multiple (by pits & stairs) and the size of each map should mach the ground level.

    The memory problem could be lessened by limiting how many underground levels you can go down, as I think it probably will be more fun to have those level interactions in 3 or 4 levels than 100 levels of repetitive randomization.

    So to live up to that potential it needs work and to align to the devs intentions for the game.

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    The things you mention are much harder to implement, that’s one issue. Plus I know that not all players want to have them. The nice thing about the current state of things is that it doesn’t make the game more complicated (both from the player’s and dev’s point of view). But you have a good point, thanks.



    No problem man, as much as I love interacting systems for their chaotic randomization and unique situations they provide for each play-trough (similar to dwarven fortress). I know that part of the appeal of KeeperRL is its FAR easier to understand design. I agree 100% to keep things simpler if you think they wont add enough fun to the game. Thnx for the reply!

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