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    After having played some time there are still some things about the game that I seem unable to find out. Maybe these are alpha topics, maybe I didn’t get the point, dunno. Surfing the forum several times gave me hints, but not answers. Can someone answer these questions?

    1. I built prison and torture rooms, and equipped my creatures with only blunt weapons, but still none of my enemies survived the encounter with my troops. What do I have to do to take prisoners? Is there a “take prisoner” option somewhere like in Dungeon Keeper that I did not see?

    2. What exactly is the use of performing rituals in the ritual chamber? According to some hints I suspected it might attract the succubus, but last night I got her with ritual chamber built but without even having creatures able to work there. So what’s the point of sending someone to perform?

    3. In keeper campaign mode I found the site of a legendary humanoid. He lived in a tower amidst a river, his chamber guarded by a couple of boulder traps. So for to get to him, I puzzled and tried and again… In the end I sent a vampire with a potion of levitate over the river, walked him up the tower an had him cast escape, which by luck (the tower’s upper level had several secluded rooms) got him there, and the travel function sent them both home.
    Those boulder traps… many a user asked about them here in the forum but I still do not understand them. The harpy I sent over the river could attack them, which had no effect save for the “attacked” message and turn skipping. The ghosts I sent there triggered the trap when attacking and where instantly killed, but the trap was still there afterwards, it neither disappeared nor disarmed. Is this a bug or do the boulder traps have an internal logic I don’t get? And can traps in general be disarmed somehow?

    4. This one is not about the game but the forum. Does it offer a way to upload a picture? I only found the img link option that needs another website for the uploading…



    Yes – there is problem to use prison and torture rooms in current versions.
    This manual doesn’t work in last versions of game.

    Please, make using of prison and torture room more easier or disable this rooms.


    About 3… you should be able to simply push the boulders around, and they’re supposed to go into the holes. I just checked and it’s working here, but I’ll investigate a bit more.

    4. Sure, I’ll try to add image uploading.



    What about 1, prisons and torture rooms?

    About 4: try https://wordpress.org/plugins/comment-images-reloaded/screenshots/


    That’s true, it’s broken now. I’ll fix it for Alpha21, and later on I’ll rework the logic for capturing prisoners so that it’s easier and less random.



    5. Yesterday I encountered a giant spider in another user’s dungeon. I want her (in german language, all spiders are female) too. I’d even post some pictures of the little beauty in my terrarium 🙂 . How do you get her, is she a legendary beast? I never found one yet.



    I’m pretty sure she will never join your dungeon. She is always hostile and does not negotiate.



    2. I’m… pretty sure that when ghosts, succubi and Dopples perform rituals it also provides a bit of mana like shamans and library, atleast for now, I think I heard later ritualing will be used to summon ACTUAL demons and not just legendary humanoid hellspawns or something.

    3. Yes, as they say, it’s a boulder drop puzzle, think back to Pokemon games, they often had one or two of these per game, Victory Road in Red Blue, one in a cave in Ruby and Sapphire I remember, it takes some practice and recognition to figure out how to get them all the right way and in what order, I remember I stopped playing this game a while back and at that point I was able to do it with my eyes closed before, after hopping on the new alpha to see around, it’s still the same boulder puzzle, but I blotched it cause I forgot how it went. Personally I REALLY REALLY like the puzzle and I PRAY TO THE KEEPER there will be more types of puzzles with coming updates.

    5. If the “Giant Spider” was black and red, then I have no idea how they got it in they’re dungeon and not killing all they’re stuff, BUT if it’s a weird purple spider, your in luck, I believe it’s called something along the lines of “Phanticore” or something and it’s one of the Legendary beasts you can potentially recruit, just need a trusty beast cage and should see it eventually in the lineup.



    3. Like puzzles too but didn’t make it to solve that one. And to pokemon, well, when I was that age they didn’t exist yet 😀 Please don’t try to guess my age now.

    5. It’s been a long time now so I do’t really remember the coloring. But as I definitely found it in an uploaded player’s dungeon, it must have been phanticore. Thanksalot

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