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    First of all, nice game so far. am looking forward to everything there could be 😉

    Still the portals are a kind of a mess. The first connection I built was alright, but then i wanted to displace the 2nd portal(outside, south) and had to delete it. so the connection is lost. having built a 3rd to replace the 2nd actually didn’t establish a connection. so I deleted the 1st(dungeon) and placed a 4th one right on top of it and I thought, alright that should work.

    when I was building another connection to the eastern part of the Map (because I wanted my imps to jump from the dungeon to the forests east just as i did with the south, having built the 5th(east) and 6th(dungeon) portal) I had to realize that the 3rd and 5th are now connected, which actually was the worst case that could happen. I just wasted 360 rocks on portals for nothing.

    So can you please rewrite it. so that we can choose which portal is connected to what? Only if that portal has no connection of course. (I leave it up to you how you do that, if you want to make it oneway maze style go ahead, but please give us the tools to review it)

    Also I don’t know if pathfinding is aware of portals, but it would be nice if you could add (at least the 2 way portals) to the calculation.

    Actually I’d like to help you. Bummer you don’t use unity. I could have helped out with that stuff^^ ( I know, says every freaking wannabe nowadays…^^)

    Anyways, thanks for the nice game 😉

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    • This topic was modified 9 months, 2 weeks ago by  deCalle.

    Hey, thanks for pointing that out, indeed it’s a mess. I think it will also fall apart if a portal is destroyed by enemies. I’ll try to fix that, as you suggested, by adding an interface to explicitly connect portals. And no, pathfinding is not aware of portals at the moment, you can only use them manually. (I’ll try to fix that too, but it’s not easy).

    EDIT: I checked and actually the algorithm makes sense: a portal will only reconnect with another portal if it’s rebuilt at the same spot, in order to correctly handle randomly destroyed and rebuilt portals. Perhaps destroying one manually should be handled differently. I’ll also have paired portal pairs have the same unique colors so it’s easier to see what’s going on.



    thanks buddy. means a lot :-*


    I actually went and implemented pathfinding as well 🙂




    woohooo, great.

    you know what else would be cool?

    *lists a 1000 ideas* 😉

    keep going buddy^^

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