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    First of all, dead corpses generally don’t let off poisonous gasses, and if you want to keep this mechanic in the game, the corpses shouldn’t be able to emit poison as soon as they drop dead. either way it would make more sense if it spread disease instead of poison. You can slaughter a whole bunch of enemies, then die from the poisons emitted from their corpses, WTF. I’ve had a dragon invade my base and kill half my guys, only to die from the poison emitted from their corpses. plus its a serious hazard to kill things in narrow corridors because you and/or the rest of your minions will get poisoned just from walking past it’s dead body.

    besides, It’s too deadly anyway. I can win any game now super easily, by doing nothing but waiting until the enemies cripple themselves trying to get passed my corridors of doom, which just has a bunch of poison traps, spider webs, doors and a couple of boulders. The boulders are for anything that somehow manages to survive the poison.

    So, what do you think about the poison

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    yeah it gets a bit annoying at times lol



    Disease could basically be poison with a different name. Then you could also have disease resistance traits as well as poison resistant traits. So if anything, it could add to the game play a bit.



    Non-biological mobs could be both poison and disease resistant. Also, the main villains could generally have those resistances. The delay before corpses poison creatures is also a sensible idea.

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    I’ll think about whether this feature makes sense at all. Thanks.



    I rather like the gas emitted from corpses, but I agree it’s a bit too strong. What if the gas was only released when the corpse rots away into skeleton? That way it would be safer to kill enemies, because you would not immediately be killed by poison, but it would be necessary to quickly move the corpses into your graveyard or risk them rotting and releasing the gas.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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