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    So while testing out the new alpha it took me a while to realize I can only get 4 of each legendary humanoid and legendary beast, I bought each that came… but had my Dopple (named Abbadon) absorb any that weren’t basicly the Hellspawn, and I didn’t get that “lich” looking guy among my 4, and I absorbed ALL the L. Beasts… so I waited and waited, I ASSUMED I’d get more, but no more came after the last (hellspawn), so after some thinking I came to the conclusion that either:

    A. you only EVER get 4 of each, either they die or absorbed and you can never get any again.

    B. Hopefully a bug and once fixed, so long as I don’t have 4 existing of each type I will keep getting requests to join.

    I would be fine with (A) so long as I could actually PICK which L. Humans or beasts showed up, but it seemed even when I let the timers run out on them without recruiting them, the same Legendaries would pop back up again.

    I also say 4 feels… “odd” make it 5, I usually keep my armies in 5s.


    There have always been 4 species of each type that you could recruit. The change was that now you can only get one unit of each species. I think that’s plenty though.

    Overall there are 16 legendary species, each a combination of 4 attributes:
    * humanoid < -> beast
    * large < -> medium
    * material < -> ghost/ectoplasm
    * wings < -> no wings

    Right now you can breed everything that’s medium size. The 8 large ones are unavailable, except one humanoid that you can find on a certain level. In the future there will be ways to get more of the large ones.



    I guess this does make them more “legendary” since there is only one of each, guess I gotta wait until Demons become a thing so my Hellspawn has something to lead.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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