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    So after a lapse of playing this game, I come back to find dwarves and Kobolds bunked up in mini dungeons within my spawnpoints, with Alpha 21, seems bandits were added to this clusterbuck as well. The space a keeper has to work with was already limited to just within mountains, now you ether need to evict random Kobolds, Dwarves, and Bandits from they’re hole by making it the start to your hole, or be until able to expand your dungeon to the fullest without accidentally bumping into they’re caves and unintentionally providing another way into your dungeon.

    I don’t know if anyone else has the same disdain for these Prior residence as I do, but if at all possible, what if you made it so your starting map tile was clear of these residence, as we can already find the bandits in just about EVERY lesser and Major Villain map tile, and sometimes even Dwarves and Kobolds (oddly always at the same time), what if we eventually can send minions to random map tiles, not just the lesser or major or allied ones but into a tree map tile to harvest wood (I have actually run out of wood on my starting map several times) or ores from a mountain tile.

    Pretty much these existing residence have so far forced me to stick to using the entrance to they’re cave as the entrance to my dungeon otherwise the above issues.




    Did you know that you can move the entrances to your dungeon, by blocking up the tunnels? You only have to have a tiny amount of stone and make sure that there is always at least one entrance to your dungeon at all times.


    Players have complained that the base map feels empty, compared to the single map mode, hence this change. I can see how the added settlements can be a problem though.



    “settlements” (Ie. houses or towns outside) would be fine as far as I’m concerned, outside of the limited mountain space you probably have, rivers rarely passing through and underground lakes and such. But I suppose yah the fill in wall can work somewhat…

    As for using the fill in feature, for some reason stone and Iron feel WAY more uncommon then say… wood, which I usually have 15k of before I even build anything else but a library, even after doing this I HAVE run out of wood, several times in fact.



    There’s a little exploit that helps solve this problem… (at least there was, I’m downloading the new version atm):
    Pause the game and mark (shift+click) the whole mountain for digging, and you’ll see where the holes are. Keep distance and everything’ll be allright. But what I prefer to exploiting is using the same entrance as the dwarves for my dungeon and marking a forbidden zone where enemy contact would be imminent.


    “settlements” (Ie. houses or towns outside) would be fine as far as I’m concerned, outside of the limited mountain space you probably have,

    That’s a very good idea, I will move some of those villains to outside settlements so they don’t interfere as much with dungeon building.



    I still stand by what I said: that for our home zone, we should have the whole mountain to ourselves, with maybe a few houses or something outside among the woodlands maybe.

    BUT feel free to keep the kobolds/thieves/dwarves that spawn in minor/major villian/ally zones, if it’s possible to keep one and get rid of the other: heck, add houses to those areas too, houses, caves, whatever you want on areas I can’t dig anyways:p

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