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    The “campaign” update is finally out! For those of you who haven’t followed the development, campaign is a new game mode that takes place in an overwo
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    Congratulations! This is quite an achievement. And congratulations again for being invited on to Roguelike radio. You have a nice voice (and a good microphone too; seriously, I can’t understand half the people they invite on that show :p)

    I’ve played a lot of Alpha18 so far, almost 8 hours. I made a few observations
    and I documented a method that can beat the game quickly, fairly reliably.

    In general, the game seems to work well without crashes. I also agree with you when you mention in the video that exiting a combat area needs some rethinking, because it’s quite abusable the way that it is. The game is still quite straightforward to beat. Actually, I don’t think it’s changed much strategically since Alpha 17. It’s just been broken down into bite-sized chunks 🙂



    1 – If Bandits attack and GOLD STARTING_RESOURCE,1 (in options.txt) the game will Crash cause there gold but NOT “gold in map item”;
    2 – Did buy Automaton from gnomes but it just got killed by my minions (a werewolf).
    3 – Need AUTOPAUSE ON/OFF option/setting if you are under attack/keeper in dagger/etc, i want to turn autopause off;
    4 – If you control a doppelganger a way/short-key to use its Absorption Skill.
    5 – Best Cage, Grave, Bed are not automatic destroyed after it’s minion dies and not sure if it’s reused by new minions, so maybe it just waste/occupy space another minions could use.
    6 – Increases enemy “wave” strength, level or better equipment or add a supporter to it (healer or archer or etc), with time cause if you are able to kill the first wave you can kill all another waves.

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    7 – After Doppelganger use Absorption on a Orc Shaman it gain Sorcery (Expert), but there a way for it to learn magic was it does not have the “Activity: Studying” ?



    Congratulations Michal!

    Sorry for doubting you a little. I’m sure it wasn’t as easy as you made it look, and you have pulled it off really nicely.

    Well done!



    8 – Dark Elves do anything (there no trade or recruit)?
    9 – In singe map sometime after you recruit a Ogre game will crash, i guess that happen when a new Ogre go to Ogres Cave to replace the one you did recruit.



    Dark elf caves have a pretty nice dungeon for loot and levelling.

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