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    Hey folks, since I'd rather chat than sit on a forum, I made a IRC channel for KeeperRL.
    If you want, you can join it at irc.gamesurge.net in the channel #keeperrl ofcourse!

    Oh, and first post 😉



    Cool thanks! I'll try to hang out there once in a while.



    Would be really cool to have an in-game chat system.



    I know this is SUPER late of a response, idk if it counts as a Necro but: There’s a “similar”(I use that term loosely) game called Rimworld that possesses a mod that someone made that allows chat between players of the game AND also allows the trading of resources between said players, if it were possible to do anything like this for Keeper; allowing us to talk to a chatroom of people, and possibly getting supplies like gold/granite/iron/steel/mana from other Keepers, maybe even creature transfers(getting a high lvled creature to join you instead of a lvl 1-5) it would allow this game to seem at least partially multiplayer, even if not directly interacting in game.



    The chat is a good idea. It may be possible to play with/against other players by sharing the same random map seed. For example, you could warn each other of dangers over chat or race another player to conquer the same map. Racing players in real-time is fun, I did this with a member of my family by using the same seed in about alpha 18 (before campaigns). We experimented with chatting and sharing screens using Skype.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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