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    I like how now you gain a new spell each time you reach a new level of Magic Damage training – it nicely rewards training spells in combat, because you can gain spells beyond your current tech. 🙂

    However, all spellcasters feel rather same right now, given they all get the same spells. What if upon reaching a new Magic Damage training, the spellcaster instead gained a random spell from a small selection for that level? (I don’t think letting the player pick would be good, both from micromanagement and power play perspectives.)

    Anyway, here is a suggestion of spells casters could learn:

    * Heal Self (You will always want this on your Keeper, but he or she already starts with it, so no problem here. Some shamans will learn other +1 spell, which is fine and interesting.)
    * Bleed (Range 1 spell casing Bleeding debuff.)
    * Leech (Range 1 spell casing some damage to an enemy and healing caster by the same amount. Deals less damage than Bleed and heals less than Heal Self, but does both at the same time.)

    * Summon Insects
    * Deception
    (These two spells are already a nice interchangeable pair. Let the casters only learn one from them.)

    * Heal Other (This should probably remain as the sole +3 spell, because this is the main draw of casters. They can do without Heal Self, but without Heal Other, they loose quite a bit of their appeal.)

    * Magic Missile
    * Cause Sleep (As an alternative to Magic Missile, putting enemies to sleep sounds good as it can take some out of the fight, but they will wake up when damaged, so you cannot beat on them when they are disabled.)
    * Cause Blindness (Another debuff that makes enemies more manageable, but doesn’t make them trivial.)

    * Escape
    * Haste Self
    * Teleport Other (Can be used on an enemy to send them across the map, forcing them to find you again. Useful in dungeon defense, but you will still need to do something about the enemy later.)
    * Slow Other (Halves speed of enemies hit.)

    * Cure Poison
    * Poison Dart (Causes poisoning of enemies hit.)

    * Blast / Circular Blast (These two spells probably still should be learned both together.)
    * Fetch (Can target any enemy you see and teleports them next to you, or to the nearest free square. Great for breaking groups of enemies and surrounding said enemies.)
    * Call Allies (Teleports nearby allies next to the spellcaster, similarly to a surprise trap.)

    * Defense (Should be usable on self or others.)
    * Frailty (Decreases enemy defense.)

    * Damage (Should be usable on self or others.)
    * Weakness (Decreases enemy damage.)

    * Summon Elemental (Moved here because it is powerful and nicely pairs as alternate spells with Fire Sphere.)
    * Fire Sphere

    * Meteor Shower
    * Stun Ray (I actually like this spell, but it should be all the way up there because of its power. As an alternative to Meteor Shower, it would hopefully work well.)

    * Invisibility (This spells is very powerful and only Keeper can learn it anyway, so no alternative for it.)

    What do you think? Would this add to the fun and replayability of the game for you?



    Personaly i love this game and is one of my favorites and i wouldnt mind donateing if i can. I dont mind red’s idea however i feel instead of random you should have them specialized and add more magic units. Instead have them learn a spell limit but choose which spells they can learn acording to your tech level like after adding a bunch of spells you can have a shamen focus on learning healing and buff soells while the other focus on damage and movement speels and last one focus on powerful summoning spells. Along with that you can also add more powerful versions of the spell but must get previous version b4 so it takes up 2 slots. Should also have shamens have varied level of sorcery and the keeper higher. I normally like playing as mages more specifically summoner. Some spells could only be avalible for some races too. Like a shamen should have things like poisen and summon tree spirit etc. While vampires have things like deception, shadow clone, drain, and a limb regerate spell. Ofcourse i have other ideas but im looking for tge correct forums lol

    It would add more planning and stratagy and such

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