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    I have been playing in adventurer mode, with three imported retired dungeons, one of my own and two others. One of the dungeons has a female mage keeper called ‘valen 29th’ who I literally cannot defeat.

    My character has a +26 Battle Axe, and +16 torso armour, +3 helm, +7 boots, +2 gloves. He is wearing a ring of magic resistance, ring of poison resistance and amulet of defence. He has 16 levels of combat experience (maxed out). That gives him an attack of 31+26 (57) and defence of 36+30 (66).

    Immediately before attacking my character takes a potion of melee resistance, eats mushrooms of defence, rage and regeneration then throws potions of blind and slow at ‘valen 29th’, which work. Without exception, ‘valen 29th’ one-shots my character either with a wave of their staff (an iron staff custom named Staff of valen) or a spell that makes my character’s head explode. Whilst blind. And slowed. My character is hitting this valen woman with a +26 adamantine axe and each blow does no damage.

    Firstly, I think adventurers are underpowered. It should be possible to train them to get their base training and experience bonus up. Dungeon creatures can have both training and experience whilst adventurers have only experience. Secondly, there should be mage adventurers and / or adventurers should be able to learn spells. Finally, I would like to know how to get a Keeper’s statistics up that high?!

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