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    Hi, So I finally had time to play Alpha 23 and won as the Keeper Koloth. I retired my dungeon if anyone would like to play it.

    Finally, the game has progression! Much of this is good. There are a couple of things I would like to see improved.

    In Campaign mode, I have never been able to capture anyone in any of my playthroughs meaning I could never complete the tech tree nor afford a throne. I would like to see that changed and possibly a couple of other ways to obtain mana. For example, kills by minions on sites away from the base could yield mana. This would incentivise using your servants. Regardless, I would like to see a slightly higher mana level and more resources generally.

    I would like to see more content.

    I would like to see the Keeper be able to get more powerful.

    Finally, … custom legendary items! I often heavily enchant my Keeper’s weapon. In the most recent game I have an Iron Stave that was +9 on creation but I enchanted up to +12. I would like to see slightly more enchantment scrolls and also more varied ones, for example to add flaming or poison damage to my stave.

    Maybe even some type of room that can enable you to enchant weapons. This could go with the naming.

    Takeaway, need more mana / other resources.

    For other players, any advice on how to capture?



    I think this should be in development subforum.

    As for your question, capture chance seems to be dependant on health of the creature being captured and/or possibly its morale. In newest version I only captured one creature and it didn’t yield much mana anyway.
    Fully completing research tree is impossible without capturing prisoners, at least on default “number of enemies in campaign” setting (which can be adjusted outside of the game I believe) but you can make a throne nearly straight away at the price of the mana you’d otherwise put into some technologies.


    Capturing prisoners will be completely overhauled in the next update, I believe it’s quite broken right now. As for mana, I will be pushing a patch very soon with some adjustments, in particular taking off the “once per tribe” limit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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