Jul, 26
KeeperRL Alpha19 is released!

KeeperRL Alpha19 has finally arrived! This update, among many small features and fixes, allows adventurers to play in the campaign. This makes the adventure mode much more attractive, as you can now visit allies, buy from shops and level up on smaller enemies before tackling the dangerous guys. See the changelog below for all the changes.

As always, if you’ve bought the game before, you can download this update from your storefront. Indiegogo backers can download it from their personal download links. You can also download the free version, which is identical to the full game, besides not having graphical tiles and sound.



  • Added adventurer campaign mode.
  • Fixed management of autosave files so that there is a always a file to recover from.
  • Switched from SFML rendering and audio library to SDL2, OpenGL, and OpenAL.
  • Decreased RAM usage by about 50% by reusing objects for identical map tiles.
  • Optimized the rendering logic to get about a 50% increase in framerate in the early game.
  • Moved back from Visual Studio to MinGW compiler to avoid some technical issues with the former.
  • Added message boards that can be built by Keepers and function as primitive chat rooms.
  • Added small random settlements: human and elven villages, dwarf and kobold caves.
  • Added forest animals: deer, foxes and boars to maps.
  • Added different body materials, which affect combat and types of dropped corpses.
  • Enabled passing through doors of friendly settlements.
  • Added opt-in collecting of game statistics.
  • Added question marks and town names to minimap.
  • Added a message for when a minion learns a new spell.
  • Made the game work on a single thread to avoid some technical issues.
  • Changed the ratios of hills and forest in level generation so that trees are found more easily.
  • Made the keeper always be spawned next to a mountain.
  • Fixed conquering of cemetery level.
  • Fixed crash when creature is insta-killed by a spell.
  • Removed Sokoban from the single map mode to avoid level generation issues.
  • Fixed crashes when exiting the game.
  • Fixed crash involving the power spell animation.
  • Fixed scrolling in the minion window.
  • Fixed various issues that prevented winning, retiring, and playing as adventurer in single map mode.
  • Prevented the giant spider from getting entangled in her own webs.
  • Fixed a minion spell learning bug.
  • Fixed item pricing and shopkeeper bugs.
  • Fixed ambush bug that caused the player to be invisible forever.
  • Fixed message refreshing that caused some confusion when the game ended.
  • Fixed various issues in music playback.
  • Fixed switching tabs in creature control mode.


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There are no other games out there like KeeperRL. The game is a unique mixture of management, levelling, crafting, constructing, exploring, adventure etc. […] The possibility of interacting with other’s players monumental dungeons turn KeeperRL into one of the most promising games I’ve found.


This game is amazing! It’s challenging, fun, unique, and exactly what you might expect it to be. For an early access game it’s incredible. And the thought that there’s more to come thrills me! I can’t wait to see how this awesome game will develop even more.


Any time I touch another race, I get bent over like a cheap, overworked sex worker. I love sucking at this game so much.