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    You’ll have basic info on all the locations even before starting the game, so you can choose your starting point or re-roll the seed.

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    5 unconquered villains is enough to be getting on with! Especially if they all own a whole map for themselves! Could you limit the major villains to about 5 at the same time (like we have now in normal mode?) When I conquer a map, a new villain could be switched in. So they could be rotated in one at a time. Thus saving my laptop from exploding and also avoiding getting attacked by 30 players at a time.

    It will be a campaign, so you’ll tackle them in some kind of order. You won’t get attacked by all of them at once.

    What about a rating system for dungeons so that the best ones are more likely to be kept?

    Definitely, once I get the basics, I’ll work on things like that.

    Would also be nice to install some maps with no other dungeon keeper, just the standard main villains like dragons and humans and dwarves.

    These will be generated proceduraly. Only human made bases will need to be downloaded or installed.

    I am still worried that my laptop will overheat and melt down. Iā€™m not sure how many villains it can cope with! I am hoping that I can only be zoomed into one map at a time and the villain maps will load and save quicker, being smaller than the maps are now.

    Yes, only one map will be active at a given time. And since they are smaller, CPU and memory usage will be much lower.

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    Cool, I was thinking about how to solve this. Noted it down.

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    Interesting šŸ™‚

    Could you explain the last one?

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    Yeah they did, thanks for reminding me šŸ™‚

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    Yes, we will have them restored.

Viewing 6 posts - 151 through 156 (of 156 total)