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    In the end I’ve implemented reporting that works even better for me (gives me more debug info) than Steam’s πŸ˜›

    in reply to: Alpha17 update #4914

    Nothing will change here, except probably new bugs caused by the massive code changes around the campaign.

    I secretly hope though, that players will all switch to the new mode, so I can ditch the old one, and have less code to maintain πŸ˜›

    in reply to: Alpha17 update #4912

    The single map highscores will stay for a while now. There will be a separate table for campaign.

    I might display the highscores somewhere on the homepage at some point.

    in reply to: Keeper vs Keeper #4879

    You can change the number of enemies for now. Size maybe too, I’ll see about that.

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    Who knows… πŸ™‚

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    Owen: you can win whole battles with a single creature, so it’s a matter of your playing style. I always thought that small battles are more interesting. It’s a roguelike after all. But if I limit team size, I’m afraid that players are going to scream πŸ™‚

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    Does the world map restrict travel in any way? Will there be impassable squares (mountains, chasms, water, etc) that might be differentially traversable based on your team composition?

    Not in this update, but good idea.

    From the start of the game, do we know the size of the world map, or are the boundaries revealed as we play on?

    Yeah, it’s constant and known beforehand.

    What other sorts of information does the world map reveal (e.g., resources, legendary artifacts)?

    For now you’ll get information on the enemies. Possibly the exp levels of the strongest creatures, so you don’t download some absurdly overpowered keeper dungeon.

    How are hostile sectors going to be distributed? Will there be large multi-sector structures on the world map? For example, human kingdoms, dwarf kingdoms, large mountains, forests, fields, and so on? I think that something like this would be a little more interesting than a bunch of completely randomly generated sectors that are totally independent of one another.

    Nice idea, maybe for the next year πŸ˜›

    Meanwhile, I can already play against a retired Keeper.

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    Of course, even more than that. You need to know who you’re attacking.

    in reply to: Travelling the world #4821

    Would it help just to heal up all the enemy units when you leave their map? Sleep, poison, entangled, speed, invisible, etc. could also be automatically removed.

    I don’t think so. If you inject deadly poison to an enemy and leave the map, you want them to be dead the next time you arrive.

    Would it be possible to give our teams the order to rally at a way point when they’re not under our control?

    This used to be possible, but I didn’t like the UI for it so I removed it temporarily. Do you think it even makes sense in campaign mode? You wouldn’t be able to do that on sites other than your own anyway.

    in reply to: Campaign progress #4799

    There are various things that slow the game down, but yes, pathfinding is a big one.

    in reply to: Campaign progress #4795

    How do you calculate how many troops the main villains can counter attack with?

    That doesn’t change. There is a randomized formula taking into account the population size, the villain, etc.

    Are they going to get a population boost when revisited after a long while?

    Good point. I need to make immigration happen when the site is in a ‘frozen’ state. I think I’ll have the clocks ticking for a little bit after attacks so they can heal up, etc.

    in reply to: Development continues #4709

    No problem, I read all of it πŸ™‚

    I think I can handle it. There may be some special cases to solve, like portals. Adding a selection of dungeons to go with the game is a good idea, I’ll do it once Alpha18 is out and people start uploading.

    in reply to: Development continues #4693

    You’ll have basic info on all the locations even before starting the game, so you can choose your starting point or re-roll the seed.

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    5 unconquered villains is enough to be getting on with! Especially if they all own a whole map for themselves! Could you limit the major villains to about 5 at the same time (like we have now in normal mode?) When I conquer a map, a new villain could be switched in. So they could be rotated in one at a time. Thus saving my laptop from exploding and also avoiding getting attacked by 30 players at a time.

    It will be a campaign, so you’ll tackle them in some kind of order. You won’t get attacked by all of them at once.

    What about a rating system for dungeons so that the best ones are more likely to be kept?

    Definitely, once I get the basics, I’ll work on things like that.

    Would also be nice to install some maps with no other dungeon keeper, just the standard main villains like dragons and humans and dwarves.

    These will be generated proceduraly. Only human made bases will need to be downloaded or installed.

    I am still worried that my laptop will overheat and melt down. I’m not sure how many villains it can cope with! I am hoping that I can only be zoomed into one map at a time and the villain maps will load and save quicker, being smaller than the maps are now.

    Yes, only one map will be active at a given time. And since they are smaller, CPU and memory usage will be much lower.

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    Cool, I was thinking about how to solve this. Noted it down.

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