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    I don’t understand this one, in what situation does the window show up twice?

    Doubled infowindow

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    Hey, I tried the new alpha and it is awesome. I love the new graphics for the tiles (when digging and making stockpiles) they look so good 🙂
    While doing so I have written down few bugs I found. They seem to be mostly easy to fix and some of them were probably also in previous versions.
    Probably specific to alpha 24:
    – FPS limit as I got 120 FPS normal, at peaks almost 180 FPS. After some time FPS fell down to less than 10 for unknown reasons (this was right after I have recruited 5 more prisoners after a raid on bandits) – this really heated up my notebook (Dell XPS 15z running Archlinux, without using Nvidia graphics card)
    – 4th menu icon flashes whenever I click left mouse button
    – fill up tunnel on the new hard rock produces soft rock (it just looks odd)
    – torch over bed produces the option to sleep on torch (this is quite funny)
    – no pressure if not in endless mode, i.e. with all of the ores discovered and 4 imps at hand, one could dig HUGE dungeon and only then start hiring some minions or attacking in general or producing basic weapons, maybe few timely attacks (like in endless mode) would make the game more fun

    Probably bugs from older versions
    – after deleting storage imps still carry wood to where the storage used to be (I notice this as at the beginning I make an early resource storage outside and I move it inside only after some time)
    – satiated info window shows twice, previously seen on ring of satiety

    One more idea: it would be nice if the player could set orcs (army minions) not to be on crafting by default. It is a little annoying having to do this by hand on every new orc, especially when recruiting bigger number.

    Anyway, the game is awesome and I really love it. Keep up the great work.

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    This is a great idea, but I am little bit afraid that the adamantium golems may take away some freedom from the players. This is because in the current state one may choose to go for steel production by early mid game (i.e. quite soon) with the prospect of building steel training dummy and getting one armour and one battle axe.

    I do this in case I want to go sort of keeper/adventurer game, where I play as keeper, but keep only few minions and try to make them into an elite team of utter death for my enemies.

    Also I do this when I go endless and only recruit imps and at most 2 goblins (assuming I do not die before reaching that point).

    M point is: the idea is great, but maybe players should have means to reach some amount of steel without having to go through the tough golems, but having to make other sacrifice (e.g. buy with gold? 1 steel = 1 gold or so) to not restrain some of the fun ways to play the game.

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