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    I wonder if combat would be more interesting with a second type of damage, namely “magic” damage. I’m stealing this idea from MOBAs, many of which have two types of damage (“normal” and “magic”). Mechanically speaking, the difference between normal damage and magical damage is as follows:

    – Against an unarmored target, one point of normal damage removes as much HP as one point of magic damage (e.g., one hit point).

    – Normal damage is reduced by “armor.” In the case of KeeperRL, the “defense” stat (which is strength + armor) would be what reduces normal damage.

    – Analogously, Magic damage is reduced by “magic resistance” (or, magic armor, if you prefer). In the case of KeeperRL, I’d suggest that strength would NOT confer magic resistance. In other words, the only way to get magic resistance would be through items (wearable or consumable), traits, skills, or by the effects of spells.

    – Normal attacks can have armor penetration, and by analogy, magical attacks could have magic penetration. So, for example, a war hammer (blunt) could have high damage but lousy armor penetration and it would do well against an unarmored target with lots of hit points. Conversely, a spear or pike (pierce damage = higher armor penentration) would fare better against armored targets.

    Why do this? It’s a way to make the game way more positionally complicated while only adding one new stat. It also automatically makes every minion weak, by default, against magic, so that a level 25 humanoid can’t just roflstomp through the entire campaign.

    Note that this is a different idea, mechanically, from creating a new class of magical items, which is why I didn’t mention it in the other thread, which is more about inventory and production and not combat. In theory, spellcasters could deal normal damage with their spells, and mundane minions could wield items that deal magical damage. In fact, you could just call them “red” and “black” instead of “magic” and “normal,” but the idea is that magic damage is dealt by spells or enchanted items.

    Finally, to top it off, there is “true” damage, which is neither normal nor magical. “True” damage simply bypasses armor and magic resistance, and it diminishes HP. True damage would be usually be applied for a few special cases like damage from burning, poison, or other conditions.



    How about this?

    Physical damage types:
    SHOOT: you(MsgType::ARE, “shot in the back!”); break;
    BITE: you(MsgType::ARE, “bitten in the neck!”); break;
    CUT: you(MsgType::YOUR, “throat is cut!”); break;
    CRUSH: you(MsgType::YOUR, “spine is crushed!”); break;
    PUNCH: you(MsgType::YOUR, “neck is broken!”); break;
    HIT: you(MsgType::ARE, “hit in the back of the head!”); break;
    STAB: you(MsgType::ARE, “stabbed in the “_s +

    Magic damage types:
    SPELL: you(MsgType::ARE, “ripped to pieces!”); break;

    True damage types:
    FIRE –
    SILVER –
    STUN –
    SLEEP –
    POISON –
    SLOW –

    So “True” damage types could be mixed with physical damage.
    eg. Flaming swords (FIRE + CUT) or poisoned arrows (POISON + SHOOT) etc.

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    I’ve thought about this before, clearly something that works for MOBAs could make an interesting combat mechanic in KeeperRL. I wonder if it’s not possible to do this by differentiating melee and projectile damage? These things are already present in the game, and would only require some changes in formulas (I guess projectiles would bypass armor and strength, and would use a separate stat and class of items to calculate defense). What do you think?



    Light armour or no armour could let creatures dodge projectiles. Leather armour is best because you can dodge but also absorb damage. Metal armour might make you a sitting duck.



    Metal armour would be boss of Malee fighting.

    Magic resistance or resisting true damage would need creature traits or magic items or spells.

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