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    It’s very sad…


    There is a 5mb limit, and the files are normally 0.5-1mb. I’ll try to figure out why yours is so large, perhaps it’s because of the excess resources.



    Is it .sit file?
    This game sit-file – 9,2MB. I can share this file if you want for checking.


    Yeah, if you could, that would be great. Try sending it to miki@keeperrl.com, I don’t know if it’s not too big for email.



    I sent you email with direct link to donwload. Do you received it?


    Corran Horn

    I’m having issues as well. Alpha 20 on OSX 10.11.6 (El Capitan)
    I get “Error parsing save file.”

    Error parsing save file



    Michal, i have this error again, my file is 12MB…but it only third game (with gathering resources) – i have 30k of stone, iron…For this reason the file is so big?

    Maybe, you rewrite resource storage algorithm? I lose interest when after several hours of accumulation resources and items it turns out that everything was in vain.



    I was able to save a bit of memory once by collecting up all the corpses and useless equipment and drowning an imp carrying it all. I even stored all my equipment and resources on a single tile and made the imps move it there. Visit the graveyard etc.

    It did save some memory but not enough. It was some time ago though.


    Sorry fedkin. You are right, the large number of resources inflate the save files. I’ll try to fix this in the next version.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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