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    Hello. I kill all enemies in the current Melkor dungeon. But i can not finish it in any way. it seems that one of the enemies hid behind the walls or is it some kind of mistake. It is necessary to do so that such situations do not recur. To be able to pass the dungeon after the destruction of all the approachable enemies.


    I checked and there is nothing hidden in that dungeon. You can try a simple hack, open options.txt, and change the SHOW_MAP value to 1. This will make all enemies visible. If you still can’t find the missing enemy, feel free to send me the save file and I’ll check if there isn’t any bug. (miki@keeperrl.com)

    Having said that, I see the problem of hidden enemies or ones that you can’t locate on the map, I’ll try to think of a solution. Thanks for the report.



    I checked with SHOW_MAP value 1 – there is no any enemies on this map, also i checked another maps – didn’t find anybody…
    I send savegame file to your email, please check it. Also, if it possible – please, retire this dungeon (share it online) after fixing problem.



    Michal, please look to this dungeons:
    Dark Lord
    Beatrin (Batrin)
    It couldn’t be loaded. Please add checking to load-ability saved maps, before publishing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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