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Is there a place where this Wiki shows some depth? KeeperRL's big brother Dwarf Fortress made a point of having a well-organised, community supported wiki and it makes a world of difference when you play:

  • Learning curve! At this point let's not expect everything to be perfect, but common gameplay and your usual tricks should be documented.
  • Where are we now? I strongly suggest categorizing pages with version number, cause most of them have outdated / mixed content. Some help about categories.

I could not find a talk page here so I'm waiting for suggestions, otherwise I guess I'll just start organizing stuff around. Let's talk!

Enabling upload and linking of images would be great. I tried to add a picture of my Graveyard to the Graveyard page but the upload gives me an error every time.

Wiki Updated August 2018

  • Should be less out of date.
  • Image uploads are now enabled.

Thanks for your help. I'm on discord a lot if you want to chat.

Soft Monster