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For Alpha 26 Mods go Here

Alpha 27 download instructions

Download the zip files and copy them to your "KeeperRL\data_free\game_config" folder. To install a mod, unzip it to "game_config" folder.



Above: What it might look like unzipping in Windows.

KeeperRL folder for Steam\Windows is here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\KeeperRL

Below: What the extract window might look like. Note:

Do NOT extract to a new folder

(A folder is created anyway, you don't want two). Extract to "game_config" as below.


Download mods for Alpha 27


  • Download link: [Click here]
  • Author: Soft Monster
  • Credit: Soft Monster (Author), Amaze (Contributor)
  • Webpage: Alpha27BonusFeaturesMod
  • Feedback:
  • About the mod: A mash up of many different mods. 8 Keepers and 8 adventurers to play as; as well as many other features.


  • Download Link: [Click here]
  • Author: Amaze
  • Webpage: None
  • Feedback: --
  • About the mod: Adds a potion to the vanilla game which costs 40 gold to brew and the "advanced alchemy" tree. When used, the potion will regrow any lost limbs. Useful for zombies and undead who lose their limbs quite often.

Custom ScrollsMod

  • Download Link: [Click here]
  • Author: Amaze
  • Webpage: None
  • Feedback: --
  • About the mod: Adds summoning scrolls which can be crafted while playing in keeper mode. Also adds two new tech trees: "Scrolls" and "Advanced Scrolls".

Overpowered AdventurerMod

  • Download Link: [Click here]
  • Author: Amaze
  • Webpage: None
  • Feedback: --
  • About the mod: Adds an adventurer character called "death". Basically has OP gear and infinite attack and defense. Unkillable. A cheat mod.


  • Download Link: [Click here]
  • Author: SPIDER_King
  • Credit: Soft Monster (Inspiration)
  • Webpage: None
  • Feedback: --
  • About the mod: Adds playable dark elves, spider units, and minor tweaks to relevant unit stats.

Switching between mods in the game settings menu

1) Open the settings menu 2) Click on the "Current Mod" option until you see your installed mod that you want to play 3) Have fun playing the mod.


How to create your own mods on Alpha 27

1) Locate your game_config folder for KeeperlRL. For example, this folder may be here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\KeeperRL\data_free\game_config

2) Copy and rename the "vanilla" folder to reflect your new mod

2) Edit the text files inside your mod folder to get the mod that you want. Look at the modding guide to help you.

3) Zip up your mod folder

4) Rename the new zip file to something that represents your mod. eg. ""

5) Upload your zip file to google drive or other file hosting service

6) Get a link for your zip file

7) Edit this page, and insert the link to your zip file in the "Download mods for Alpha 27" section