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Download instructions

Alpha 26 has introduced new modding support. Download the zip files and copy them to your "KeeperRL\data_free" folder. To apply a mod, unzip it to "data_free" folder and replace any existing mod files that are already there. Restart KeeperRL for good measure. Leave the zip files in that "data_free", so you can switch to any desired mod whenever you want to, just by extracting the zip file.



Above: What it might look like unzipping in Windows.

Below: What the extract window might look like. Note: Do NOT extract to a new folder. Extract to "data_free" and overwrite.



Download mods for Alpha 26

  • Vanilla26 - Remove all mods from Alpha 26
  • CombinedMods26 - Contains all the other mods below, except the Extra Adventure mod and the Random Villains mod. No creative mode.
  • CyclopsAndBaron26 - Allow adventuring as a cyclops and a dwarf baron
  • PetDragon26 - Allow recruitment of a pet dragon after researching dragon taming
  • ElementalistKeeeper26 - Full keeper mod for a very different style of play.
  • Gnomeworld26 - Play a tribe of gnomes and maximize on magic abilities
  • DwarvenStronghold26 - Play a tribe of dwarves.
  • Necromancer26 - Overpower enemies with undead hoards.
  • Extra Adventure - Allows you to play as a powerful Knight, Archer, Dwarf or Warrior in adventurer mode.
  • Random Villans - Allows you to play as Death, a Spider or a Warrior.
  • CreativeMode26 - Allows you to build what you like and recruit almost anything. Keeper for creative mode is "soft monster". Also fully contains CombinedMods26.
  • TranscendentSummoning26 - Allows you to summon Unicorns, Hydras, Minotaurs, Cyclops, Vampire Lords, Demon Lords, and rarely Death from a portal for a price.

Modding for Alpha 27

  • Further modding support is expected in Alpha 27 but that version of Keeper is still under development.

How to create your own mods on Alpha 26

1) Locate your game_config folder for KeeperlRL. For example, this folder may be here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\KeeperRL\data_free\game_config

2) Edit the text files inside the game config folder to get the mod that you want. Look at the modding guide to help you.

3) Zip up you game_config folder

4) Rename the new zip file to something that represents your mod. eg. ""

5) Upload your zip file to google drive or other file hosting service

6) Get a link for your zip file

7) Edit this page, and insert the link to your zip file in the "Download mods for Alpha 26" section