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Leather Helm

Defense: 0 - 2
Weight: 1.5
Price: 5

Iron Helm

Defense: 1 - 3
Weight: 4
Price: 40

Telepathy Helm

Description: See invisible monsters and monsters the other side of walls

Sleep Resistant Helm

Description: Don't fall asleep

Defence Helm

Description: A helmet that will have the best naturally occurring stats in the game

Body Armor


Defense: 0 - 2
Weight: 0.3
Price: 10

Magic Resistant Robe

Description: Resist magic attacks better

Leather Armor

Defense: 2 - 4
Weight: 7
Price: 20

Chain Armor

Defense: 4 - 6
Weight: 15
Price: 130

Defence Armour

Description: Armour that has a bonus to defence (May not be as good as adamantium).

Adamantium Armor

Description: Normally the best armour for defence


Leather Gloves

Defense: 0 - 2
Weight: 0.3
Price: 10

Damage gloves

Description: Gloves that increase damage as well as defence

Spell Damage Gloves

Description: Gloves that increase spell damage as well as defence


Leather Boots

Defense: 0 - 2
Weight: 2
Price: 10

Iron Boots

Defense: 1 - 3
Weight: 4
Price: 40

Speed Boots

Description: Get two moves instead of one.

Flying Boots

Description: Pass over water

Defence Boots

Description: Boots that normally have the best defence bonus