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Z-Levels are opened up when building a down staircase from your dungeon.

Note that the map is 3D and has a vertical axis, which can be viewed one 2D cross section at a time.

You may only build one down staircase and that staircase will link to the middle of the next z-level. Portals do not work across z-levels. In this regard, z-levels are not done in the same way as certain other games (including Dwarf Fortress).

The current vanilla configuration is found here:

Vanilla Z-Level Configuration

This is the current vanilla configuration shown as a table.

Inhabitants Starts at Depth Ends at depth Attack chance Landscape
None 1 Never None Resources\river\lava
Rats 2 4 None Resources\river\lava
Rat People 3 7 30% Resources\river\lava
Plagued Rats 5 Never None Resources\river\lava
Water Creatures 7 10 None Underground sea
Lava Creatures 10 Never None Underground magma sea
Adamantium Golems 10 Never None Resources\river\lava
Dark Elves (for lawful keepers) 5 Never 60% Resources\river\lava
Dwarves (for evil keepers) 5 Never 60% Resources\river\lava

You can keep digging down forever.