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Damage: 3 - 5
Accuracy: 3 - 5
Attack type: Crush
Weight: 2
Price: 10


Damage: 5 - 7
Accuracy: 5 - 7


Damage: 7 - 9
Accuracy = 2 - 4
Attack type: Cut
Weight: 1.5
Price: 20

Common. Standard weapons of: Witchment, knights, bandits, rat soldiers, the rat king, gnome chiefs and shopkeepers. Dark knights, white knights and adventurers start with a sword.

Fire sword

Description: Sword that burns enemies and also sets things on fire.

Sometimes carried by demon lords and angels. Can be crafted using glyphs. Dragon hoards may contain these.

Poison sword

Description: Sword that poisons enemies

Found in dragon hoards and on demon lords and angels.


Damage: 4 - 6
Accuracy: -1 - 1
Attack speed 0.7
Attack type: Stab
Thrown damage: 2 - 4
Thrown accuracy: 2 - 4
Weight: 0.3
Price: 5

Adventurers, witches and archers often carry knives.

Poison knife

Description: Causes low damage except poisons many creatures, which can be devastating.

Adamantium sword

Description: A good one handed sword

Elven Sword

Damage: 8 - 10
Accuracy: 4 - 6
Attack type: Cut
Weight: 1
Price: 40

Silver elven sword

Description: Harms undead and carried by dark and white elf lords.


Heavy Club

Damage: 9 - 11
Accuracy: 1 - 3
Attack type: Crush
Weight: 8
Price: 20

Common weapons of cyclops and ogres.

War Hammer

Damage: 11 - 13
Accuracy: 1 - 3
Attack speed: 1.2
Attack type: Crush
Weight: 8
Price: 100

Often carried by your average dwarf.

Collapsing hammer

Description: Cripples creatures for a while

Often seems to turn up in dragon hoards. Possible to craft, with a powerful smith.

Adamantium Axe

Description: Axe that has the best naturally occurring stats in the game

Battle Axe

Damage: 13 - 15
Accuracy: 1 - 3
Attack speed: 1.2
Attack type: Cut
Weight: 8
Price: 140

Another weapon of choice for dwarves. Craftable by keepers in the forge.

Bleeding axe

Description: Decent axe but also causes bleeding in many creatures, which is often deadly to them.

Often hoarded by dragons. Sometimes the Duke owns one.

Rage axe

Description: Get angry and raise attack a bit, sacrifice a small amount of defence

The Duke may have a rage axe, but if not is likely to have some other sort of special weapon.

Magic Weapons

These weapons tend to be used by elementalists and vampire lords.

Wooden Staff

Increases magic damage
Magic Damage: 5 - 7

Easy to craft.

Iron Staff

Increases magic damage
Magic Damage: 7 - 9

Easy to craft.

Teleport Staff

Description: Teleport creatures away when you hit them. Also increases magic damage somewhat.

Very hard to craft.

Destroy Equipment Staff

Description: Destroy an enemy by destroying their armour and weapons. Also increases magic damage somewhat.

Very hard to craft.

Suicide Staff

Description: Kill yourself in the fight but try to take your enemy with you. Large magic damage bonus.

Very hard to craft.


Ranged weapons are loved by elves and driads and also used by archers to defend human castles.

Short Bow

Power: 9 - 11
Weight: 1
Price: 60

Occasionally carried by bandits. Always carried by harpies, driads, archers both human and elf. Allows ranged attacks.

Elven Silver Bow

Power: 15 
Weight: 1
Price: 60

Better range and damage than short bows. Usually carried by elf lords both dark and white.