Team Strategy

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Forming a team

  • Drag minions onto the "New team" option to form a new team
  • Drag more minions onto the team that is formed
  • When ready, select the team
  • Choose a team member and click control to make them the leader
  • Press t to travel around the campaign map.

Some Team Roles to pick

Consider which of these roles you need to fill...


  • High damage and defence unit
  • Benefits from carrying melee resistance potions
  • Hit enemies with melee vulnerability potions for good measure
  • Needs a good melee weapon
  • Often best played as the team leader


  • High spell damage skill
  • Mage weapon (like a staff) needed
  • Some decent spells needed


  • High ranged damage unit
  • Needs a bow

Night Vision

  • Gives your team the ability to shoot well at night
  • Also useful in large caves
  • Being able to see the enemy in the dark to prepare or avoid them
  • If necessary, can use night vision mushrooms

Elf vision or aerial vision

  • Gives you line-of-sight past trees and some other barriers
  • Aim arrows at full range through a forest
  • See enemies before they see you
  • Shoot enemies before they see you

Disarming traps

  • Very useful against enemy dungeons
  • Will see traps
  • Will disarm traps when you move into them

Healing others

  • Needs to be able to train in the correct magic school
  • Needs to have the healing spells

Leader control mode

Leader control mode is 3 different modes.

Team Control.png

Mode 1: Ignore enemies

  • Stop your troops running off all over the place chasing enemies.
  • If you don't have this set, they will break ranks and charge at all enemies.

Mode 2: Stand ground

  • Get your troops into a standing formation
  • Only the leader moves
  • Switch leader and position everything as you want it
  • Leave a defensive block at a useful place and attack with the leader.
  • Tell a healer or defensive block to stand ground in a safe place while the leader attacks. Then return to the healer to get healed.
  • As you come under attack you can switch leader and keep a defensive block.
  • The formation of the standing army is broken after they follow their leader again.

Mode 3: Neither Ignoring enemies nor standing ground

  • Chase enemies
  • Good for mopping up fleeing enemies, if you don't want any to escape

Full control mode

  • Control each unit in turn
  • Press "w" to wait until other units have moved
  • Requires patience