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Forming a party

  • Drag minions onto the "New team" option to form a new team.
  • Drag more minions onto the team that is formed.
  • When ready, select the team.
  • Choose a team member and click control to make them the leader.
  • To attack with the team leader, move them into an enemy.
  • Press f to fire arrows and then select the target
  • Click on items in inventory to use them, or throw them
  • Right click on enemies for other options, such as ordering troops to take humanoids prisoner. See prisoners guide.
  • Press t to travel around the campaign map.
 List of shortcut keys

Choosing the battlefield

  • Work out what triggers your enemy and when they will and won't attack.
  • Try to work out if you would like to take them out in your home dungeon with the benefit of traps and creative dungeon designs.
  • Don't let creatures that will set things on fire, come into your dungeon and burn it down!
  • Single creatures or small tribes can be outnumbered, these are usually better taken down in the open outside where they can be surrounded.
  • Large armies are often best dealt with in confined spaces where they can't surround you.
  • Prisoners can be taken from a large tribe more easily if they are on your own soil, otherwise you may need to defeat the whole tribe before you can capture them.
  • Losing a raid isn't the end of the game, losing your entire dungeon probably is. Difficult tribes are sometimes better to be raided.

Some Team Roles to pick

Create raid teams to crack particular enemies. Consider which of these roles you need to fill...


  • High damage and defence unit
  • Benefits from carrying melee resistance potions
  • Hit enemies with melee vulnerability potions for good measure
  • Needs a good melee weapon
  • Often best played as the team leader


  • High spell damage skill
  • Mage weapon (like a staff) needed
  • Some decent spells needed


  • High ranged damage unit
  • Needs a bow

Night Vision

  • Gives your team the ability to shoot well at night
  • Also useful in large caves
  • Being able to see the enemy in the dark to prepare or avoid them
  • If necessary, can use night vision mushrooms

Elf vision or aerial vision

  • Gives you line-of-sight past trees and some other barriers
  • Aim arrows at full range through a forest
  • See enemies before they see you
  • Shoot enemies before they see you

Disarming traps

  • Very useful against enemy dungeons
  • Will see traps
  • Will disarm traps when you move into them

Healing others

  • Needs to be able to train in the correct magic school
  • Needs to have the healing spells

Leader control mode

Leader control mode is 3 different modes.

Team Control.png

Mode 1: Ignore enemies

  • Stop your troops running off all over the place chasing enemies.
  • If you don't have this set, they will break ranks and charge at all enemies.

Mode 2: Stand ground

  • Get your troops into a standing formation
  • Only the leader moves
  • Switch leader and position everything as you want it
  • Leave a defensive block at a useful place and attack with the leader.
  • Tell a healer or defensive block to stand ground in a safe place while the leader attacks. Then return to the healer to get healed.
  • As you come under attack you can switch leader and keep a defensive block.
  • The formation of the standing army is broken after they follow their leader again.

Mode 3: Neither Ignoring enemies nor standing ground

  • Chase enemies
  • Good for mopping up fleeing enemies, if you don't want any to escape

Full control mode

  • Control each unit in turn
  • Press "w" to wait until other units have moved
  • Requires patience