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Treasure Chest

  • Holds your gold
  • Each chest can hold unlimited gold pieces, so multiple chests are able to spread the gold into different locations or just provide decoration.
  • Treasure chests are built from the storage menu.

Tile Cost

Treasurydeco.png 5 wood per treasure chest


Treasure chests empty as gold is used:

  • Building statues, carpets, demonshrines.
  • Recruitment of special units
  • Creatures in older versions of KeeperRL used to require salaries, but this is no longer the case.

Other storage

There are currently 2 other types of storage tiles: material, which store resources, equipment which store items

Storage tiles are free to build and have no upper limit.

  • Material stockpiles are coloured green
  • Equipment stockpiles are coloured blue

The graveyard stockpile

Gravedeco.png Corpses

While it certainly is the resting place of many of our undead friends, it is also a the stockpile for corpses, which means you should always have free tile for the lovely bones.


There seems to be no upper limit to what a tile can store, which means that 1 tile of everything can virtually hold... everything.

You can use this trick for a single graveyard tile, provided you are ready to see your graveyard disappear if you have room in your population cap and a zombie feels like joining. Alternatively you can always have 2, and make it grow with every joiner without risking a rotting accident in your keep.