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alpha 13


Absorb other creatures and retain their attributes.

Creature will absorb an other creatures with higher stats, other skills or more body parts. After that it has all the absorbed creatures higher stat values, additional skills and grows new body parts. The absorbed creature will die in this process.
When it has consumed one head, two arms and two legs it will become a humanoid.


Hide and ambush unsuspecting enemies. Press 'h' to hide on a tile that allows it.

Only available when playing as adventurer.


Shoot bows.

Increases fired accuracy by 10 * archeryValue.
Increases fired damage by 10 * archeryValue.


Mine and construct rooms.

Ability to gather resources, building rooms, traps and installations.


Only copulates with male, humanoid and not uncorporal creatures.
After some time the creature will give birth to one of the following:

Disarm Traps

Evade traps and disarm them.

Creature does not trigger traps and disables them, so they have to be rearmed.

Elf Vision

See and shoot arrows through trees.

Trees do not block the line of sight and creature can shoot arrows through trees.


Heal friendly creatures.

Ability to heal other creatures, has highest task priority.
Healing range is 2 tiles.

Knife Throwing

Throw knives with deadly precision.

Increases thrown accuracy by 10 * knifethrowingValue.
Increases thrown damage by 10 * knifethrowingValue.

Night Vision

See in the dark.

Creature has same line of sight at night, as during the day (30 tiles instead of 5).


Cast spells.

Reduces or increases the spell cooldown.

CooldownMulti = 2 * 0.25^sorceryValue

Sorcery 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 1.0
Multiplier 1.74 1.51 1.32 1.15 1.0 0.87 0.76 0.66 0.57 0.5


"Steal from other monsters. Not available for player ATM."


Cross water without drowning.

Creature can walk over water.

Unarmed Melee

Fight unarmed.

Increases accuracy by 10 * unarmedMeleeValue.
Increases damage by 10 * unarmedMeleeValue.

Weapon Melee

Fight with weapons.

Increases accuracy by 10 * weaponMeleeValue.
Increases damage by 10 * weaponMeleeValue.