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Taking prisoners

  • You need to click on an opponent and click "order capture"
  • Next you need to knock the prisoner out (defeat them as you would normally)
  • You may need to defeat the whole tribe before you can take the prisoners, if they are on enemy soil.
  • Defeated enemies show a white "S" over their image
  • When you return to your dungeon map, the prisoners will appear in the recruits panel with any special requirements such as needing a prison for them
  • Prisoners that are left injured for too long will die, so you need to get them in time.
Take prisoners to use as slaves or to convert to your cause.

Converting prisoners

  • You need torture tables, a population slot and a suitable prisoner to convert.
  • Not having a population slot will leave a prisoner's torture task greyed out.
  • Failure chance is 50%, which means they die without converting to your dungeon
Converted prisoners will join your dungeon, keeping their previous stats and characteristics

Best types of prisoners to torture

  • Cyclops make excellent fighters when fully equipped
  • The Vampire Lord is a powerful spell caster
  • Elven archers and driads are better archers than you can recruit, so they are often worth it
  • Dwarves make excellent diggers in your mines
  • Knights have melee resistance
  • Human archers are the best archers.
  • Most bosses are worth it, so Elf Lord, Dwarf Baron and the Duke
  • Lizardmen have a speed bonus and an optional poison +8 attack unarmed
  • The elementalist sucks, he can't even summon elementals, so don't bother with him
  • You aren't likely to find a minotaur (sometimes they live below castles and they are powerful)
  • The lizardman chief is a bit special
  • Warriors from the Viking tribe are very good
  • When you come up against enemy keepers, some of the minions will be better than yours if you can get them
  • You can capture enemy keepers
  • In endless mode, always take any prisoners you can get, because they will be buffed
Basically, you can (and should) capture any powerful humanoid to try and convert them through torture.

Looking after prisoners

  • If you don't mind looking after prisoners, you can keep them as slaves to build, dig and mine for you.
  • Prisoners will try and escape if there are too many of them and you do not have enough population to keep them living in fear.
  • Wolves are good at looking after prisoners because you can get a whole pack of them for 1 population slot
  • Sometimes executing prisoners is a good idea, if you have too many and want to provoke the self righteous by displaying your prisoner heads outside your dungeon.
Try not to capture more prisoners than you can look after