Player requests for new game mechanics

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Game Mechanics

Ideas that are not about content

Guard Duty

How about putting minions like orcs and ogres or any combat minion on guard duty. The minion stands their and attacks when within a given range. The minion can still sleep/eat but guard duty overrides other jobs.

Wandering Enemies

Not so much as a request for new villains, but for more wandering enemies to attack your lair/keep. Currently, if I stay in my keep and not attack, I can build up to tier 3 dummies and have my minions almost maxxed without being attacked once. I usually reach that point around turn 17000. I'm thinking that wandering enemies attacking around every 1000 turns and have their level/difficulty increase like every 2000 turns. You can use an uploaded player's adventurers as a wandering enemy. Just a thought.

Crafting Requirements

I think it would be more fun if you were not able to build absolutely everything as soon as a certain tech-level was unlocked. Rather, mana could unlock the ability to construct furniture, but the instructions/recipes to craft individual items would have to be discovered in scrolls or books (in the same way that the Beast and Humanoid mutations must be discovered). Items would still cost time and resource to produce like they do now. I argue for this feature because I think it would add a little bit of variety to each game by forcing the player to be more careful with certain types of equipment while being less so with others.

Revamped Mining and Base construction (for Campaign Mode only)

- Digging time is drastically increased

- Stone is yielded from digging out tunnels instead of being discovered by geology

- Each creature has its own "room" (where a room is a continuous space separated from other spaces by doors).

- The maximum room size must be upgraded (i.e., through reinforcing walls).