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The Keeper (male or female) is the most valuable entity, if the keeper dies the game is lost.

Warlock Attributes

Keeper.pngKeeper female.png Player's avatar (Warlock class) Base values

  • Spell Damage:20
  • Defense:12
  • Damage:12
  • Body size:Large
  • Gender:Male
  • Sorcery:0.2
  • Laboratory:0.2
  • Melee training maximum:7
  • Spell training maximum:12
  • Spell:Heal Self

Dark Knight Attributes

Keeper knight.pngKeeper knight female.png Player's avatar (Fighter class) Base values

  • Defense:16
  • Damage:20
  • Body size:Large
  • Gender:Male
  • Melee training maximum:12
  • Spell training maximum:3
  • Spell:Heal Self
  • Skill:Forge 20%



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