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Click on a built door to lock it.


Build it to pass over water or lava.

  • Cost : 20 wood

Contrarily to most constructions, a bridge cannot be destroyed by ordering it, fire, word of power... In this regard, it is more like another piece of land.


Place it on tiles next to a wall.

Barricades let the air through, not your minions! Pretty useful to have a indoor pigsty without corpse rotting hazard. Best is to have a barricade "window" next to water (neighbors: they don't swim... or fly).


Place it on tiles next to a wall.

  • Cost : none
  • Increases room efficiency
  • Light emission : 8.2


Makes the area around it visible.

  • Cost : 10 mana
  • Vision range : 30 Tiles

To get max range, it might be handy to add torches (and to cut or burn those annoying trees).


Augments the population cap by 1.

  • Cost: 300 gold

Less effective than the throne but you can add as many statues as you want - the minions like fine art!

Prisoner Head

Impaled head of an executed prisoner. Aggravates enemies.

  • Cost : 1 prisoner head
  • Each head increase the chance to be attacked by villages.
As of alpha15 prisoners tasked with execution seem to live on indefinitely. Bug or undocumented gameplay?