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Modding tutorial for KeeperRL (Overview)

  • The first recommendation is to get familiar with the existing modding system on KeeperRL
  • There are two types of mods on KeeperRL
    • Local mods (Edit the official game files locally) - Can't be uploaded onto the Web. Easier to learn for beginners.
    • Web mods (Write new mod files that modify, replace or append to the official game files) - Slightly tougher but you can upload them for other players to use.
  • Make some simple changes to the vanilla files, that is the official files (Try some of the suggestions below) and test the changes. Vanilla configs are found under "KeeperRL\datafree\gamedata\*.txt"
Note, when changing vanilla configs you need to back them up in case you damage them.
If the worst happens, delete KeeperRL and reinstall it.
  • After learning to do local mods, install some existing Web Mods
  • Test them
  • Start writing your own Web mods

Suggestions for simple changes to workshops_menu.txt

Locate workshops_menu.txt. It should look like this linked file, which is found in the vanilla configs folder.

Remove wooden staffs from the workshop

Delete the line containing:


under the



Reduce the cost of golden staffs

In the line containing


under the

"basic" section under the
  "FORGE" subsection

change the numbers in that line.

Sell rings of invisibility instead of wakefulness

Change the line containing


in the

"JEWELER" subsection.

Change it to


Change the conversion exchange rate for resources

In the

"LABORATORY" section

experiment with changing the numbers (hint: look for the lines mentioning alchemical conversion).

Suggestions for simple changes to technology.txt

Locate technology.txt. It should look like this

Include a mention of heavy wooden clubs for the two-handed weapon tech

Change the line containing

two-handed weapons

and edit the description text.

Remove the requirement for researching advanced sorcery before demonology

Change the line containing:


and delete this part:

{"advanced sorcery"}

Suggestions for simple changes to keeper_creatures.txt

Make it impossible for mages to get the archery technology

Change lines for dark mages containing:


Remove the text


Suggestions for simple changes to immigration.txt

Locate immigration.txt. It should look like this

Allow recruitment of gnomes

Find the


section. Look at the block where:

ids = { "GOBLIN" }

Change it to:

ids = { "GOBLIN" "GNOME" }

Recruiting all goblins without any insanity

In that section, remove the text:

Lasting { INSANITY }

Wherever it is found.

Suggestions for simple changes to campaign_villains.txt

Locate campaign_villains.txt. It should look like this

Remove all green dragons from keeper campaigns

Delete all lines containing the text:


Remove all red dragons from keeper campaigns

Delete all lines containing the text:


Suggestions for simple changes build_menu.txt

Locate build_menu.txt. It should look like this

Make it free to fill in stone blocks

On line filling in blocks change the text:




(hint: it is in the "structure" section).

Allow building of iron training rooms without the iron working tech

On line for building iron dummies remove the text:

{ TechId "iron working" }

Setting your own targets

  • Set yourself some simple targets for local modding.
  • Look at some of the other moddable text files. Gain familiarity.
  • After that, download a web mod and try and understand how it works.
  • After that hack the web mod (You can hack any of mine, I don't mind - SoftMonster 17.09.2020 - but parallel uploads could become annoying)
  • After that write your own web mod from scratch and upload it for the player community to show you the respect you deserve!

Good luck!

Softmonster 17.09.2020 (Alpha 30)