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Q: Why does my save file keep getting bigger the longer I play for?

  • A: The number of entities in the game tends to go up. For example, new monsters migrate into the game with their equipment. When they die they leave equipment, corpses (and bytes) behind. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

Q: Are the ideas, requests and contributions found in the wiki ideas section actually in the game?

  • A:Many are. Others are planned. Those not used are often still very helpful ideas.

Q: Are there any mods for this game?

  • A: Yes, the source code is open. Also modding support is being coded into KeeperRL and mods are available here from Alpha 26 onwards: Download_Mods

Q: When I died, the stats showed over 100 heads were chopped during the game. This is untrue.

  • A: Are you including pigs that have been slaughtered?

Q: How do I beat monster X or Y?

Q: Is there a guard room or a guard post command?

  • A: No, not at the moment but you can drag and drop minions to a particular location and they will remain there for some turns. You can directly control teams and tell them to stand their ground. You can also assign monsters to a room and lock the doors to keep them apart or confined, which has a similar effect. Monsters can also be assigned quarters to keep them in an area.

Q: Can you build bridges when controlling a minion?

  • A: You can build bridges when not in control of a minion. But not when controlling one. You can get across water with levitation potions. Monsters that are blocked by water and controlled by the AI may build bridges.

Q: Are there z-layers (can you dig up and down?)

  • A: Short answer - Yes! This is a new feature since Alpha 27 was released.

Q: Is there a translation into my native language?

  • A: No, not normally. However, sometimes there exist video streams explaining the game in a particular language.

Q: Did you know that there is this other game that stole the KeeperRL graphics?

  • A: Some of the graphics have non-exclusive licenses. The other games most likely have the right to use those graphics as well. The stock graphics are being redrawn and mostly the graphics are now unique.

Q: Why did one of my minions attack the others?

  • A: He may have been an insane minion. Those have to be managed very carefully. Don't recruit them if you don't want to spend time looking after them.

Q: Are there any achievements on Steam?

  • A: No, not yet. This has been planned.

Q: When is KeeperRL going to come out of Alpha and be officially released?

  • A: The game is getting better and better every release. So don't wish for it too hard!

Q: I found a bug, what should I do now?

  • A: Use the ReportBugButton.png button in the bottom right of the screen.