Elf Lord

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Elf lord.png Lord of the forest

Base Stats

  • Spell Damage:16
  • Defense:14
  • Damage:22
  • Body size:Medium
  • Ranged Damage:30
  • Magic Resistance:Yes
  • Sorcery:1
  • Elf Vision:Yes
  • Damage Bonus:Yes
  • Defense Bonus:Yes
  • Spell training maximum:4
  • Melee training maximum:4



These are the worst of the elven archers and often carry artifact bows capable of shooting down serious warriors. Care is needed when approaching an elf lord, to avoid getting arrows stuck in your head. Really makes a nice addition to your dungeon if converted but it won't be easy. As with most humanoids, sometimes he goes to bed, so a stealth attack at night might be a good strategy.

Take him alive if you can. He is an end game boss that has some advantages to contribute to your tribe.


  • Spell:BLAST
  • Spell:Heal Self
  • Spell:Speed Self
  • Spell :Heal Other


Silver Elven Sword
Leather Armor
Short Bow
Arrow: 20-36
Scroll of Teleport |OR| Potion of Healing |OR| First Aid Kit