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Gameplay changes

   New immigration system and UI, which lets the player accept or reject minions, and unifies immigration, recruitment, breeding, and imp spawning.
   New campaign game mode with fixed keeper position and villains.
   In games where the player has won, highscores are only based on the number of turns.
   Old campaign mode renamed to “free play”. Highscores disabled for this mode.
   The “your evilness” trigger replaced by one based on the number of conquered villains.
   Added kraken enemy on keeper’s base map.
   Removed some attack triggers from retired keepers to make them less aggressive.
   Invisible friendly creatures are visible in creature control mode.
   Only humanoids are allowed to be whipped.
   Non-humanoids are not allowed to open chests and coffins.
   “Escape” spell won’t teleport creature to an inaccessible area.
   Minerals won’t spawn next to dug out tiles.

UI changes

   Female keepers and adventurers! Gender currently has no effect on gameplay.
   Single map mode is available through the campaign setup window.
   Smooth scrolling through lists. Fixed various scrolling issues.
   New UI for firing ranged weapons using the mouse.
   Added team go-to order by drag and dropping team from the minion menu onto the map.
   Display a guard post sprite when minion is dropped onto the map to go somewhere.
   Added “drop everything” command in creature control mode.
   Added tooltips with item descriptions to workshop UI.
   New interface for paying in shops both for individual items and in bulk.
   Added information on item weight in creature control mode.
   Fixed various glitches involving tooltips.
   Lesser villains are highlighted yellow on campaign map.
   Allowed rectangle selection when claiming tiles.
   Won’t draw selection rectangle when active order or building doesn’t allow it.
   Tweaked some inconsistent room names in the UI.
   Some player messages have a higher priority color. Changed “critically wounded” status to “bleeding”.


   Fixed a common compatibility issue with Intel Express and similar video cards due to lack of support of non-power-of-two texture sizes.
   Fixed capturing of prisoners.
   Fixed torturing of prisoners.
   Fixed an issue with loading save files on some Linux systems.
   Fixed a common crash caused by duplicate item ids due to a bug in RNG seeding.
   Re-implemented minion equipment tracking, which fixes various issues and removes lag.
   Fixed save file erasing so that an autosave and normal save can’t exist at the same time.
   Fixed updating of creature effects and resistances when equipment is taken off.
   Fixed hiding command.
   Fixed furniture removal from claimed squares.
   Fixed various issues with dungeon retirement.
   Fixed visibility updating glitches in both real-time and turn-based modes.
   Fixed various issues and crashes in the throwing UI in creature control mode.
   Fixed issues with some characters in the message board text.
   Fixed map scrolling glitch in creature control mode.
   Fixed some glitches involving rectangle selection in real-time mode.
   Prevented overflowing keyboard queue and game lock-up by holding space.
   Fixed issues with clicking on minions on the map.
   Fixed crash involving a creature getting killed right after traveling to another map.
   Fixed a crash involving bandits not able to find gold (usually caused by a player using cheats).


   Changed format of highscores file to binary.
   Added versioning to highscores, so they can be cleared after major gameplay changes.
   The “UI zoom” setting is not available at lower resolutions to prevent crashes.
   Replaced “no fullscreen” option in Steam launcher with “clear settings”.

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