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Bandit.png They are after gold.


They are common in mountainous areas and like to inhabit caves. They can see your wealth and once the temptation is too much, try to access your treasure room to steal the gold and then run away. If you are overpowered early on in the game, they can be bribed to leave you alone. Such cowardice is normally very much less satisfying than killing them all and taking their swords for your army. If you aren't ready to fight them, keep the wealth of your dungeon minimal and they will probably just leave you alone.

Bandits are standard human outlaws and as such are loyal to nobody. They are hated by all tribes wherever they live, whether demon, undead, greenskin, human, monster or beast. They can be converted but their ability to train for full scale warfare is unimpressive. It is often better to slaughter them for their audacity and loot their belongings. When playing in Adventure Mode, you may be able to level up by bringing them to justice.

Bandits are an early game threat. Get your first dungeon level before they attack, you just need some orcs and go and kick in the local human village. Try doing this before you mine gold, since getting more money than you can look after right at the beginning will just attract bandits.


Base values

  • Defense:13
  • Damage:15
  • Body size:Large
  • Melee training maximum:2

Combat Attributes

Base level with weapon

  • Attack : 22 - 24






Attack Trigger : Start attack when player has too much gold.

Goal : Steal gold from the treasure room.