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Leather Helm

Defense: 0 - 2
Weight: 1.5
Price: 5

Common. Easy to make in workshops. Dark knights, white knights and adventurers start with these.

Iron Helm

Defense: 1 - 3
Weight: 4
Price: 40

Dwarves often carry these and also various nobility tend to wear an iron helm for protection.

Telepathy Helm

Description: See invisible monsters and monsters the other side of walls.

Look in shops and chests or try and craft one with a powerful but insane goblin.

Sleep Resistant Helm

Description: Don't fall asleep

Craftable by special goblins. Sometimes found when adventuring in odd places.

Defence Helm

Description: A helmet that will have the best naturally occurring stats in the game

Can be crafted with enough skill. Also found in some random locations.

Body Armor


Defense: 0 - 2
Weight: 0.3
Price: 10

Found on Mage Keepers and Vampire Lords. Easy to make in the workshop.

Magic Resistant Robe

Description: Resist magic attacks better

Found on Mage Keepers starting kit and Vampire Lords.

Leather Armor

Defense: 2 - 4
Weight: 7
Price: 20

Common. Found on loads of stuff including:

  • Warriors
  • Shaman
  • Lizard Men
  • Archers
  • Orcs
  • Dark Elf Warriors
  • Shopkeepers

Easy to make in the workshop.

Chain Armor

Defense: 4 - 6
Weight: 15
Price: 130

Standard equipment used by dwarves and knights but a dwarf baron normally carries enchanted chain armour with various special powers. Easy to craft for a bit of iron.

Defence Armour

Description: Armour that has a bonus to defence (May not be as good as adamantium).

Adamantium Armor

Description: Normally the best armour for defence

These are for elite troops. You need to defeat the adamantium golems. Other methods of getting these are by alchemical conversion (expensive) or by looting other keepers sometimes.


Leather Gloves

Defense: 0 - 2
Weight: 0.3
Price: 10

Adventurers start with leather gloves, but they are extremely quick and cheap to make in a workshop. Gloves are often found in chests.

Damage gloves

Description: Gloves that increase damage as well as defence

Craftable and found as loot in chests etc.

Spell Damage Gloves

Description: Gloves that increase spell damage as well as defence

Can be crafted with glyphs and also are found in chests.


Leather Boots

Defense: 0 - 2
Weight: 2
Price: 10

Quick, easy and cheap to craft. Also carried by a few different opponents such as archers and priests.

Iron Boots

Defense: 1 - 3
Weight: 4
Price: 40

Easy to craft. Carried by dwarves sometimes and nobility often.

Speed Boots

Description: Get two moves instead of one.

Found in chests and can be crafted with glyphs. Can sometimes purchase or loot from shops.

Flying Boots

Description: Pass over water. Get superior vision above trees and obstacles.

Can be found in chests and crafted using glyphs. Sometimes in shops.

Defence Boots

Description: Boots that normally have the best defence bonus

Craftable. May appear in chests or special locations.