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    – Nice main menu.
    – I love the music, but it's too loud, i hope we can set volume soon, instead of ON/OFF.
    – After about 30 minutes my dungeon was going nicely, with some new experience in layout i wanted to try. I was happy, until the game crashed without any notice. Screen froze, i hit Esc, back to desktop.
    – Economy needs an complete review i think. At first it's fine, but it's quickly boring to have finite ressources. I would prefer some kind of “nodes”, i can dig them for infinite time, but income is slower.
    – I dislike the look of the rooms, they are too… full ?
    – I hope we will see a size effectivness for each room soon.
    – When a Cyclop attacked me, i wanted to capture it and turn it against my ennemies. It's a monster, i am a monster, we should be able to team up.

    Overall, i enjoy playing every Alpha a few games, then wait for the next apha.



    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-St-9RM2G78 Another Alpha, Another Video Series.



    Options for handling Finite Resources:
    1) Ability for player to trade with a black market or different civilization for resources needed.
    2) Ability for player to stealloot with a different civilization for resources needed.
    3) Cosmic and Natural events such as Earthquake, Volcano or Asteroid which adds resources to existing map.
    4) Rare barbaric monsters which are made out of one of the finite resources… such as a gold golem.

    Hope this helps.     

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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