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    ooo Love it so far, the notes popping up when things are happening is helpful (although id recommend an option for auto pause & position camera to event when its combat) , The U.I looks a lot nicer , and wall torches are a godsend. I'll have vids up soon, tho it might take a little bit for a new tutorial, from what I've seen all the advice I give (minus “remember the dragon shrine”) in my alpha 10 tutorial seems to hold true so I would like to explore more deeply some aspects of game play I haven't toughed on as thoroughly like how to get different minion types to migrate to your dungeon is strongly requested of me. Actually if you could give me any info on how the migration mechanics are tied into specific unity types (I.e. what are the conditions for an goblin as opposed to an ogre?) that would be really helpful.



    The immigration logic is really simple, I threw it together really quickly just to have something working. It will get more sophisticated obviously, and feedback and ideas are very welcome.

    If you don't mind looking at data definitions in the source code, then it's all here:

    You'll find all the minions there, starting from Goblin, Orc, etc.

    There you have frequency of arrival. The number doesn't mean anything by itself but you can compare it between minions to see which arrive more often.

    Just below that “attractions” are defined, and each one is a single “something” that attracts this minion to the dungeon. For example

    {{AttractionId::SQUARE, SquareId::TRAINING_ROOM}, 1.0, 12.0},

    means that minion is attracted by at least 12 free training room tiles, and each minion of this kind in your dungeon takes away 1 tile (not only when he's training, all the time). The more free tiles the higher the activation value of this “attraction”.

    For the minion to arrive all attractions need to have positive values, so a harpy needs training room and ranged weapons, and an orc shaman needs library and lab.

    All the immigration comes from the same bag, so if you build a huge workshop then you'll have nothing but goblins arriving and your army will be very weak.



    Ok makes sense, Thanks for showing / explaining this. How migration works is the biggest question I've gotten since doing my tutorial videos. I'm gonna work on making a video explaining migration details, I think it would be helpful for people.



    Theres one instance I'm a bit confused about on the harpys migration code.

    {{AttractionId::ITEM_CLASS, ItemClass::RANGED_WEAPON}, 1.0, 3.0}

    If I'm understanding correctly this states that for a harpy to show up there must be at least 3 ranged weapons built, and it will require the use of one of them. Right? If not please explain



    the above information is all great and good, but with the issues a lot of NEW people are having with the cost and maintenance of their guys, a simple listing would be awesome displaying the requirements for certain immigrants. maybe even put it in the info pane in game would be spectacular. something along the lines of this maybe? :

    immigrants:                            Requirements:
    imp                                self created via mana
    goblin                            x amount of whatever tiles
    orc                                  x amount of “free” training and x amount of “free” workshop squares (could be more im not sure)
    orc shaman                    x amount of unused lab squares + x amount of unused library squares

    reasoning behind this:  this knowledge, although heavy players may know it ( i know even nat20 doesnt lol) could help them with the issue of overpopulating and running low on funds, and losing monsters. once people understand WHY they are getting certain and differing types of immigrants to their dungeon, the guesswork of how many more of X type of tiles i need is gone, making a more fluid and enjoyable experience. so for example, i want to bring in more goblins…ok i have 4 at the moment, check the list, i need x amount of free workshop tiles per goblin, i have 16, ok, so for another goblin  i need x more workshop tiles…go build x amount of workshop tiles somewhere, and wait for new goblin to come. (just a scratchy and probably incorrect example but you get my point im sure)

    just my opinion, but i know this is information i would like to have at the touch of a button personally. and the in-game help menu is a perfect place for it.



    Sure, I can add some in-game info, but only when these mechanics are carved in stone. Things are changing quickly nowadays, so it would be outdated too soon.



    @inzainia there is the wiki where I've been adding all the minions and I could add the migration requirements if we knew them (it looks from @nat20's post it's available in the open source code somewhere).

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